Jazz Up Your Living Room with Pillows & Throws

Does your living room look dull and uninviting? Or are you planning to revamp your home for the upcoming season? Well, incorporating some pillows and throws is exactly what your space needs! This is one of the most affordable interior design trade tactics used to spruce up your living rooms since throws and pillows are bound to add a sense of depth in your spaces.

They can be defined as decorative accents that play a major role in the color scheme of a space. Undoubtedly, adding a throw and pillow texture in the space can brighten it up. Whether it is the stripes, polka dots, or the fringes, there is a sense of exotic depth added to space. So, here is how to Jazz Up Your Living Room with Pillows & Throws!

Go Limitless

Well, there is no limit when it comes to decorating with pillows and throws. Truly, the greater the number, the more comfortable and welcoming your space becomes. So, it is always recommended to jazz up your living room sofa or bed with a number of throw pillows. For a traditional approach, choose an even number to decorate with – and at the same time, this will create a sense of balance. Whereas on the other hand, for a modern or contemporary approach, choosing an odd number is more fashion-forward with a sense of harmony incorporated.

Randomize It

Choosing random shapes and sizes perfectly adds contrast to your space. Don’t make the mistake of choosing the same size and shape that plays one for all. Instead, choose a larger piece for the center and a few couple of smaller pillows for the sides. All this while making sure to keep contrasts with bold, dark, and daring shades.

Avoid Matching

Try to avoid being matchy-matchy! Too many similar-hued pillows and throws can make your space look dull and monotonous. And who wants that right? Hence, it is highly recommended to choose monochromes or contrasts that make your space look eye-catchy and bold at the same time! You can also make use of stripes, geometric patterns, bold hues, printed florals, and geometric liners as these textiles are definitely worthy of admiration.

Infuse Texture

Playing with textures is the new cool! Yes! Fusion of polka dots with satin accents and linen liners can enhance your space to the next level. And especially for the monochromatic themes, this kind of material and color contrast can add an aesthetical value to the homes while subtly playing seamless magic. Moreover, this also adds a statement of drama and sophistication to your spaces!

So, are you excited to decorate your homes by adding pillows and throws? However, make sure to choose a contrast when it comes to the sofa materials or pillows & pillow textures! I would love to hear your thoughts on this article, comment below!

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