6 Expert-Picked Bathroom Mirror Ideas

Bathroom mirrors play a necessity as this is where we can stare at ourselves endlessly, judge our appearances, apply makeup, shave, and admire our individual style. However, apart from this, they also help make your bathroom look spacious while brightening them up and adding a visual dimension. And just in case if you don’t have a window or natural light – these mirrors will create an illusion of reflectivity to enhance the overall aura of your space.

Let’s take a look at 6 Expert-Picked Bathroom Mirror Ideas that you can incorporate to elevate the feel and look of your bathroom!

Formless Mirror

Let’s think beyond a standard square or rectangular mirror and add an intriguing shape that creates the ideal focal point for your bathroom. The organic and irregular, amoebic shape will add a softer and more welcoming touch, whereas, crisp corners are bound to add a modern and minimalist touch to your bathrooms. Lastly, using an asymmetrical mirror will bring a contemporary touch to your bathrooms!

Full-length Mirror

Sophisticated and elegant, a full-length mirror is probably the easiest décor idea to install in the bathroom. Especially for the high-end luxury and ultra-glam style – a standing mirror is bound to add a polished look into your space.

Choose brass or a matte black frame to further create an eye-catchy contrast!

Double Mirrors

Ideal for double sink bathrooms, it is recommended to choose double mirrors as they tend to multiply the luxe and opulence in your bathroom. Furthermore, these paired mirrors create symmetry and balance in your spaces.

Generally, double mirrors and double sinks add a luxurious, high-end, and elegant look to your spaces – so you can definitely make the most of their use in glam, transitional, contemporary, and modern-styled bathrooms!

LED-Lit Mirrors

A great aesthetical, functional, and sustainable element, LED-lit mirrors are proven to conserve electricity while producing tons of white reflective light to enlighten your darker bathrooms. And since they exhibit a realistic reflection of the image, you can use them for purposes other than just a mirror – mainly, also as a reflector for shooting videos for your latest Instagram post!

Frameless Mirror

Do you have a minimalistic approach towards design? Well, incorporating a frameless mirror is the number one step to take in the bathrooms. They exhibit a perfect luxurious and stylish statement on your walls while creating a seamless experience!

Mirrored Wall

Have a great admiration for mirrors that can help you admire yourself completely? Well, it is time to make use of that empty wall as your complete mirrored wall. It doesn’t have to stick to the sinks – and can rather be placed in any corner of your bathroom!

This is also ideal for smaller modern and contemporary bathrooms as it will tend to make your space look larger than it actually is.

Depending upon your interior design style – you have quite a few mirror décor ideas to incorporate! So, did any of the mirrors win your heart? I would love to hear your thoughts on this article, comment below!


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