Sereno Large Nightstand

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Sereno, from the Latin 'seranus' (Serene), it can mean “clear skies” in Italian and “Night watchman” in Spanish—the perfect name for a collection designed to help you rest. With it's straight lines, handleless drawers, and hidden legs, the drawers and night tables in the Sereno Collection by Huppé Furniture boast an uncluttered and calming aesthetic that sets the stage for a good night’s sleep. Sereno is all about the magnificent texture of east coast yellow birch.

The bed is fully upholstered and features a headboard that’s slightly tilted for added comfort, with solid yellow birch side panels. The oversized version of the headboard can be equipped with two Tolomeo lamps that are plugged directly into the wall. The optional storage base features an Italian mechanism that allows you to lift the mattress horizontally or at a 45 degree angle (lift vertical storage) to access the storage section or change the sheets more easily.

The Tolomeo lamp, by Italian manufacturer Artemide, is the perfect combination of beauty and functionality. Thanks to an ingenious design, the lamp can be turned in any direction, making it perfect for reading. The lamp has established its creator, Michele de Lucchi, as an international design icon. The lamp was named after greek astronomer Ptolemy, who claimed the sun revolved around the Earth. In the same way, the Tolomeo lamp pivots on its axis, so the head can move in any direction.

Choose from one of our many stains for birch. Headboard: choose one of our many fabric or leather upholstery options, available in a wide range of colours.

Case-goods feature a lacquered steel exterior frame. Choose from Huppé's lacquered steel options to maximize customizability for your space.

Made-to-Order: Ships in ~ 12-14 weeks. 

Dimensions: 20.37" x 19"D x 18"H