Grid Mirror

Sale price$1,298.00

This set of 3 mirrors is an add on piece to our Grid Mirror (#68075).

Add this addition to your Grid Mirror to make it larger.

The outer pieces have a pitched, mirrored frame. You be the designer.

Space the pieces as close or as far as you like.

You can even get funky and separate the pieces to make different arrangements!

The Grid Mirror is a perfect accent piece for an entryway, bathroom, bedroom or any room in your home.

D-rings are affixed to the back of the mirrors so they are ready to hang right out of the box!

The mirrored glass on the outer mirrors are beveled adding to its beauty and style.

Made-to-Stock: Ships in  ~ 1-2 weeks.

Dimensions: 19.75″ x 2.5"D  x 19.75"H