An Abstract View Hand Painted Original Art

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At the 4th of July celebration in Atlanta, I noticed that the fireworks took on a totally different perspective in the reflections of the city scape.

The different glass facades of the neighboring building had a wonderful distorted view of all the colors and action going on below.

An Abstract View was inspired by those distored reflections.

Thick layers of paint are hand applied to create movement and texture.

Because this is an original hand painted work of art, no two pieces of art will be exactly the same.

The gallery wrapped canvas is set into a floating silver leaf wood frame.

Hardware is attached so the back of the art so that it is ready to hang right out of the box in either a horizontal or vertical orientation!

Made-to-Stock: Ships in  ~ 1-2 weeks.

Dimensions: 41.5″ x 1.75"D x 61.5"H

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