Chateau d’Ax

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The Chateau d'Ax story began in 1948 when the enthusiasm and passion of its founder prompted him to open a family-run furniture business in Lentate Sul Seveso - Milan (Italy).

That date marked the start of a long and challenging adventure that led Chateau d'Ax to become one of the world leaders in today's furniture industry.

Chateau d'Ax, based in the heart of Brianza, has always been a synonym of high-quality, handcrafted Italian products.

Quality is evident in the smallest details, from the drawing to the prototype, right through to the finished product.

Action and flexibility are trademarks of the company where all members are always directly involved, using their brains as well as their hearts, to raise the company to higher levels of efficiency and competitiveness.

Thanks to the help of skilled designers, Chateau d'Ax can interpret the style of living anywhere, respecting tastes and highlighting the strengths of the various scenarios through a range of furnishing solutions proving their versatility in the design field.

Shop Chateau d’Ax Best-Sellers exclusively In-Store!