Stalagmite Chrome Wall Art Set (s/3)

Sale price$848.00

One of the smartest ways to bring Nature indoors is to introduce aged pieces of stone to a space, as each will become textural sculptures in any vignette.

Our Stalagmite Chrome Wall Art Set has tremendous character that we have enhanced by covering the surface with chrome.

These wall sculptures are assorted so the pieces contained in each set will be varied, which makes the decorative objects unique.

The organic shapes and the spritzes of metal make these ideal for the modern organic ethos for which Phillips Collection is known.

Crafted from natural stalagmites, shape and size may vary from piece to piece. The natural stone color may also show through the plating in some areas.

Made-to-Order: Ships in ~6-8 weeks. 


Dimensions: 7" x 4"D x 12"H