Button Wall Tile, Deep, Von Braun Finish, LG

Sale price$498.00

The Deep Button Wall Tile is a stunning piece of wall decor formed from resin and coated in our special hand-applied von braun finish.

The tile is first covered in copper leafing, then a light coating of acid is applied to the piece which causes a red-brown patina to form.

The clean, round shape of the piece contrasts beautifully with the erratic and unpredictable nature of the finish.

The result is an innovative accent piece that is minimalistic, yet it possesses a larger than life personality.

Button Wall Tiles are also offered in lichen and posh finishes, varying sizes, and deep or shallow variants.

Each piece varies slightly in color and pattern due to the hand-applied, acid finish.

Made-to-Order: Ships in ~6-8 weeks. 


Dimensions: 17" x 7"D x 17"H