Agate Sculpture, Gold Edge, Iron Base, Assorted

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Mounted on an iron base and finished in precious metals, our Agate Sculptures are made of thin slices of harvested agate.
This is of particular importance because it is a sustainable stance given we don't mine them. We then take what Nature perfectly creates and finish the edges in real gold, copper, and silver to add an extra glitzy modern flair, as we did with this Gold Agate Sculpture.
Each agate is slightly different, and the larger sculptural slices are rarer to find. We work with Nature, not against it, which exemplifies the Phillips Collection ethos of modern organic.
This natural stone is crafted by Nature, resulting in color, size and character variation. Natural cracks and breaks are also common.
Note that our photo is only a representation of this item. You will receive your own one-of-a-kind piece from our assortment.

Made-to-Order: Ships in ~6-8 weeks. 


Dimensions: 6" x 4"D x 12"H