Bermex Furniture

This stained finish is carefully hand wiped by our craftsmen to highlight the natural wood grain.


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CB-0533 ChairCB-0533 Chair
CB-0533 Chair Sale price$524.00
CB-0550 ChairCB-0550 Chair
CB-0550 Chair Sale price$624.00
CB-0560 ChairCB-0560 Chair
CB-0560 Chair Sale price$598.00
CB-0561 ChairCB-0561 Chair
CB-0561 Chair Sale price$698.00
CB-0638 ChairCB-0638 Chair
CB-0638 Chair Sale price$698.00
CB-0698 ChairCB-0698 Chair
CB-0698 Chair Sale price$724.00
CB-0699 ChairCB-0699 Chair
CB-0699 Chair Sale price$624.00
CB-1000 ChairCB-1000 Chair
CB-1000 Chair Sale price$724.00
CB-1010 ChairCB-1010 Chair
CB-1010 Chair Sale price$924.00
CB-1202 ChairCB-1202 Chair
CB-1202 Chair Sale price$524.00
CB-1206 ChairCB-1206 Chair
CB-1206 Chair Sale price$524.00
CB-1207 ChairCB-1207 Chair
CB-1207 Chair Sale price$598.00
CB-1208 ChairCB-1208 Chair
CB-1208 Chair Sale price$598.00
CB-1212 ChairCB-1212 Chair
CB-1212 Chair Sale price$698.00
CB-1213 ChairCB-1213 Chair
CB-1213 Chair Sale price$724.00
CB-1215 ChairCB-1215 Chair
CB-1215 Chair Sale price$698.00
CB-1216 ChairCB-1216 Chair
CB-1216 Chair Sale price$724.00
CB-1220 ChairCB-1220 Chair
CB-1220 Chair Sale price$624.00
CB-1221 ChairCB-1221 Chair
CB-1221 Chair Sale price$698.00
CB-1222 ChairCB-1222 Chair
CB-1222 Chair Sale price$598.00
CB-1224 ChairCB-1224 Chair
CB-1224 Chair Sale price$524.00
CB-1225 ChairCB-1225 Chair
CB-1225 Chair Sale price$524.00
CB-1226 ChairCB-1226 Chair
CB-1226 Chair Sale price$598.00
CB-1227 ChairCB-1227 Chair
CB-1227 Chair Sale price$624.00