2021 Summer Furniture + Home Décor Trend

2021 Summer Furniture + Home Décor Trends

Commencing the summer months, it is now time to say hello to the new furniture and home décor trends of the year 2021. Not to forget the rollercoaster of a ride in 2020 with a global pandemic hitting the world – there has been a huge surge in understanding the true importance of human wellness and comfort. However, these upcoming summers demand a more relaxed, laid-back, and breezy vibe into the homes. Let’s see how to spruce up your spaces in these latest summer trends!

Embrace Minimalism

Less is more. Well, this is not the first time that minimalism is being preached – rather, it is an ongoing trend. This style is all about clean and crisp lines, solid geometry, the use of tremendous neutrals, and most importantly, incorporating simple and sleek furniture. It is to ensure that with a minimal backdrop, the sun will rise and flourish your home indoors with its utmost positivity and dazzling rays.

Welcome the Blues

If summer had a color, it would definitely be blues! Mimicking the color of the ocean and the skies, incorporating more and more of this color would definitely create a calm and tranquilizing vibe. Whether it is a blue accent wall or the blue linen furniture upholstery, the vibrant feels are something that you must look forward to in the summers, 2021.

Use Multipurpose Furniture

More than ever is the concept of functionality prioritized over aesthetics when it comes to furniture. Hence, making use of the furniture pieces that offer space-saving advantages along with the versatility and flexibility to be used for multiple purposes is something you must look forward to. For example, who wouldn’t want a convertible coffee table that can also accommodate extra seating while providing you ample storage options!

Let the Nature Speak

Nature is a human’s best friend. Isn’t it? It is not just a summer trend but a year-long necessity! Well, now that we are spending most of our time indoors – it is best to incorporate some indoor plants like fig trees, spider plants, and bonsai to invite a fresh and wholesome vibe. Moreover, this is the time to simply push apart your drapes and curtains to let that sunshine reach your floors.

Go Breezy

What are summers without light and airy fabrics, right? Whether you are planning to purchase new furniture or simply reupholstering the existing ones, it is important to opt for materials like cotton, linen, and sheer silk to let your space breathe in ease. Furthermore, try to go clutter-free by simply placing your furniture and décor much apart from each other to create airiness and spaciousness!

So, now that we have discussed the top summer trends for the year 2021, are you excited to incorporate any? It is important to know that they are also timeless and can be incorporated year-round. Should there be any questions, let us know in the comments below, or check out our latest summer furniture to jazz up your spaces!



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