Your Guide to a Functional Modern Kitchen

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The kitchen is one of the most utilized rooms in our homes. It is the place we prepare meals, entertain, socialize, and come to regroup.

Although we may not spend as much down time in the kitchen as say the living room, we do tend to spend a big chunk of our day in there for one reason or another. One thing your kitchen must be is functional; if not it can become a dreaded space and make even the simplest task a challenge. This is your personal guide to a functional modern kitchen.

Maximize Space, Minimize Clutter

Having a functional space in your kitchen is a crucial factor; however it doesn’t mean you have to have a massive kitchen by any means. When we refer to space we mean open, decluttered and airy; try to create a feeling of openness in your kitchen by keeping things light, bright, and as simple as possible. Are you someone who piles the countertops with mail, keys, papers, or any other random items? Simply, keep a decor basket for everything to be placed in. This storage basket will keep things organized and out of the way.

If you do have a larger kitchen, keep in mind, too many things can make even the biggest spaces feel small. Try to be strategic in how you place things such as islands, ovens, or pantries. There is nothing worse than discovering that you cannot stand in front of the oven while the door is open, or that the dishwasher door cuts off the entrance into the kitchen trust me, these things happen with poor planning.

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Store it Away!

Functionality comes along side of organization, or more so organization helps to create functionality. One of the biggest things you want to consider in a kitchen is storage; one can never have too much storage! The question is, do you have a lot of a little? If you have lots of storage, then that is perfect for allowing everything to have its own space, slot or shelf.

If you are limited on storage space then this is where organization can make a huge difference, you want to utilize the space the best that you can. A few tips to help here is: Keep similar things together such as baking sheets and cutting boards or glasses and mugs which by the way could also be hung from hooks under or inside a cabinet. Another great thing to consider is a hanging pot rack; they save a great amount of space and keep things easy to access and leave your cupboards for other things that you may not want out in the open.

Whiteboards are better than Magnets

This may not be something you would think about when it comes to a functional kitchen, but a white board or chalk board can make a huge difference to your space. Take a moment and think about how many ways in which a board could help to keep you organized, up to speed, and keeping things running smoothly. There is nothing worse than being in the middle of a great baked desert only to realise you’re out of milk or that you’re late for an appointment.

So really how does a white board translate into functionality? I for one use my whiteboard to write up a recipe and as I complete each part or use each item I tick them off or cross off that particular section. By writing things out on a bigger space it is easier to plan the best way to produce what it is you’re trying to make. The perfect item to keep things fluid and moving along without having to take a bite of your freshly baked cookies to realise you forgot to add the sugar.

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Walk it like I talk it

This may come as a little surprise, but style is one thing that is key to a great kitchen. If you are planning to spend a reasonable about of time in your kitchen then you are going to want this space to be somewhere that you enjoy and want to be. This not only applies to the layout but to the color of the kitchen, the décor, the art and even the appliances.

When thinking about your style, you will want to consider what makes you happy and also productive? Maybe you love white, after all a white kitchen is a dream kitchen, everything is so fresh and clean looking. Maybe you love to have fresh flowers, or a small plant? How about a candle or two? You may also want to consider a unique clock or great piece of art such as the African Summer sculpture. Its cool modern colors would be great behind the kitchen table to not only create conversation but also add to the spaces ambience.

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