Valentine’s Day Home Essentials

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Valentine’s Day is one of those days that you either #LOVE or dread.

We are choosing to love it! and in doing so, we are here to help those that enjoy it as much as we do by giving you a 4 home essentials to add to your list for this year to make this Valentine’s Day the best one yet.

For those that aren’t big into Valentine’s day, maybe this will be your year to expand your horizon and really get into the mood by implementing a even a few of these tools.

Countertop Tease

Romance is key when it comes to Valentine’s, and what better way to create a relaxed and romantic environment then the perfect wine. You may say you don’t like wine, but trust me; there is a wine for everyone. If you like fruity and sweet there are some beautiful blushes out there that will hit the right spot, or maybe you’re more of a dry fruit and spice person in which a good Merlot or Cabernet Sauvignon would be a great hit.

I recommend shopping through Wine Library’s online catalogue, where you can get your favourite wines delivered straight to your door!

When it comes time to entertain, I love to display the wine, glasses and snacks on my kitchen island or across my  dining table.  My buffet serves as a storage hub and provides everyday functional space for our home.

Fame Swivel Stool

Home Fireplace

By The Fire

The next essential is to create ‘THE’ atmosphere in your living room. A tufted leather sofa/loveseat combination is definitely one to consider. Look for subtle, romantic colours such as, pure whites and deep rich reds. And don’t worry about spills and stains! Most spills and stains can be easily cleaned off leather products with a water-damped cloth with minimal effort.

Remember to pair your new couch with a modern coffee table and perhaps add a 2-in-1 media unit with a built in electric fireplace to set the mood for the rest of the evening.

Don’t forget to add some fun themed pillows and throws to accessorize your sofas.

For Valentine’s Day, cheetah or zebra prints add detail and character to your room without overdoing the effect.

Seeds of Life

As mentioned in our earlier blogs, plants are a required asset when decorating your home, not only do they clean the air and freshen up your space, but they can also create a stunning ambience that is relaxing and invigorating at the same time. Now you may already have great plants in your home, but consider picking up some flowers that represent Valentine’s Day colors.

Red, Pink, White and Purple are all strong Valentine’s Day colors. You can do many things with flowers or plants, maybe you just want a nice display in a vase like the Double Ring Vase. This vase has a deep rich purple color that will accent any array of those colors we just mentioned while staying modern and fresh. If you really want to get in a romantic mood, maybe you’re trying to impress a loved one, consider spreading around flower peddles. Nothing says romantic like a rose peddle trail.

Rose Gold Plant Stands

Doze Off into Bliss

End the night with your partner in bliss! Catch those much needed Zzz with the help of a contemporary bed. Made from 100% Sustainably Sourced Canadian Cherry Wood, the Jensen Bed by WestBros has an assortment of tricks. Such as, a variety of wood stains and fabric options available, soft close drawers and designed by Canadian Designer Blake Tovin. 

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