Transitioning into Fall Décor and Fashion 2017

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The air is beginning to cool. The days are getting noticeably shorter. It’s time to bid farewell to the heat of summer and open our homes to the vibrant colors of autumn. Festive, rich colors and a simple rustic touch can turn your home into the perfect fall sanctuary. Take a moment to absorb what your home feels like. Do you want to freshen it up with a crisp color change, or does your living room yearn for the rich, rustic comfort of fall shades? A do it yourself home décor project might be just the thing to get you ready for the harvest season.

Autumn Colours


Bold, solid white accents play a powerful role when it comes to autumn furniture and decor. As the days shorten, the vibrancy of the world outside grows and as a result, white stands out to create an eye-catching effect. White sculptures, vases and other decorative pieces are extremely versatile, making them a great choice for your Fall time home refresh. Consider arranging a handful of miniature pumpkins in a flowing, graceful tray piece, or gather the colors of the leaves indoors by arranging a fall bouquet in a tall, white glass piece like the Vasum Italian Glass Décor Vase. Go one step further by accenting already white furniture with a bold, beautiful throw or accent pillows in rich reds and oranges.

As you’ve likely noticed, there is two powerful methods that attract attention, and they are contrast and layering. Create contrast by infusing the airy elegance of whites against the depth and luxury of bold, rich colors like wine reds, chocolates, harvest browns and oranges. Too much white makes it look like you’re aiming for an early winter, and too many dark colors can make a room feel stuffy and claustrophobic, so strive for a striking balance that feels right to you. For layering, throw blankets and pillows create a relaxing, inviting environment for guests!

Tratto Italian Leather Sofa

Sequel Lift Desk

Improved posture, reduced risk of obesity and cancer are just some of the incredible benefits of using a standing desk in your home office!

Elevated Productivity

A study conducted at Mayo Clinic concluded that sitting is the ‘New Smoking’. Hours in front of a computer screen can really deteriorate your health, even if you exercise regularly. Invest in your health and productivity with a standing desk!

The benefits of a standing desk are incredible.  First and foremost, your posture will improve dramatically. The natural curve of your spine is negatively changed when you sit in a standard office chair. Alternatively by standing up, your spine, neck and lower back will be relieved of the constant tension caused by sitting. This will boost up your mood and energy instantly! As a result, your chances of avoidable diseases such as, obesity, high-blood pressure, muscle fatigues is reduced substantially.

The key to every successful project, assignment, design or piece of work is a result of  using the best tools at your disposal. You know you cannot achieve the goals you have set if your health is having deterimental effects on the quality of work you produce. Ideal for the fashionable professional’s home office;  Swap out your boring standard desk for an adjustable, chic and modern lift standing desk that will create a positive change for both your health and work!

Rose Gold Warmth

Autumn is a season that hovers between the bright effervescence of summer and the striking shine of the winter sun off snow. It is a season of calming and togetherness, festive entertainment and cozy nights. It’s here that lighting becomes uniquely important, and you have a chance to pull together a cozy environment with a few choice smoky lighting options.

Coloured glass has never been much of a secret, but it’s a true art when you can balance tinted lighting with a well-designed room for a unique effect, promoting coziness and warmth.

Urban Manor’s Alain Series of lamps, with both freestanding and pendant options, add a hint of shade to a room, preventing it from appearing too stark and excessively bright. If you’re very happy with your existing fixtures, you might be able to spice them up with amber-tinted or vintage inspired bulbs. Amber bulbs in general add a relaxing hint of color to any room, and the retro, steampunky Edison bulbs have been growing in popularity over the past few years. Pulling back from that summertime brightness just a touch and adding an autumn tint can do wonders to make any room in your home a little cozier.

Sergei Table Lamp

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