The Versatility in Gold Decor

When it comes to integrating beautiful metals into contemporary décor, gold is a high energy, glamorous element that can add stunning, eye-catching detail to your home. A well-placed splash of gold can bring new life to an otherwise under-utilized space. From a bold accent chair to contemporary wall art, your options for taking advantage of gold’s natural beauty are near endless. Gold works well with strong, bold colours but can also add a gentle flash to rustic browns and greens.

Classic yellow gold is a strong, timeless feature around the world, but if you’re looking for something more unique, rose gold might be your next option. Rose gold is a metal that has recently seen a uptick in vitality, trending high in popularity among interior designers. If you follow Pinterest, you’ve likely seen some stunning uses of this bright, blushing metal alongside warm neutrals or the less-is-more approach against deep navy blue.

Both modern furniture and art pieces offer great opportunities to bring such a vibrant metal into your home. In addition to giving your home a sense of completeness and modern style, they can add positive energy or spur relaxation.

Naturally Gold

The most universally recognized shade of gold, also known as yellow gold, has long been a symbol of wealth and royalty, but it can also be an element of natural beauty or a symbol of enhancement and rebirth. A Japanese tradition called kintsukuroi, or “golden repair,” is the practice of mending damaged pottery with lacquer dusted with gold or other such valuable metals. The subtle addition of the metal celebrates the history of the piece, rather than hiding it. Some historians have even said that the beauty of gold so enhanced the original piece that collectors would smash their valuable ceramics in order to see it repaired in such a way.

When used in a similar, subtle approach, your home can take advantage of the same natural effect of flat, brushed gold. As simply as adding a piece of contemporary wall art like that of Chelsea Chase’s Fragments of the Day works wonders to not only acknowledge the busy world outside, but the innate beauty of form and neutral colors. Hanging such a piece over a soft black leather couch would more than enhance a room’s sense of style without overpowering the senses.

If the city landscape doesn’t strike your fancy, consider a more natural, neutral toned piece like Unknown Meadow, where the paint strokes carve out a golden tree. In such a fast-paced, stressful world, the art we surround ourselves with can do more than just please the eye.

The Duo

Kiss Kiss

Bold Gold

When guests see a visually striking piece of gold in your home, you want them to think of David Bowie, not Liberace. Few people can pull off Vegas extravagance like Nevada’s Sin City itself, so it might be best to leave it to them. For the rest of us mere mortals, we have to balance the striking look of the valuable element with more down to earth sensibilities. Find something that will stick with you for a thousand years, timeless like Bowie’s mellifluous tones.

If you’re looking to evoke the bold power of gold without tipping the scale into overwhelming, look for a solid gold piece of wall art to hang front and center. In a room already rocking solid, high contrast blacks and whites, Kiss Kiss grabs your guests’ attention with the sensual curves and undoubtedly sparks conversation like nothing else could. Alternatively, the heavy swaths of gold paired with ragged white in Debut exudes style while still evoking that high energy vibe that can be missing from so many common areas and game rooms.

Bright Rose Gold

When interior designers refer to muted colors, they are typically talking about a color’s saturation, or a level of grey that has toned down the hue. If any shade of gold captures the grace of a metal, it is the soft, muted tone of rose gold. While more difficult to match with colors, the fanciful pinkish hue still has potential in multiple applications. Even rose gold, with its gentle hue, can capture light and attention when given the proper polish and attention.

Visual impact doesn’t have to come at the sacrifice of practical use, especially if you’re in need of a centerpiece to draw the room together. Marrying shining rose gold with sleek glass allows the warm color to catch the attention of anyone entering the room while still serving a practical purpose, as with the Corel Coffee Table. The well-balanced rings offer a classy element to a simply strong design that few other pieces of furniture dare attempt.

Rose gold can be a difficult color to master, but when done right, it looks fantastic. Nuevo offers a dining table design that has attempted to marry the rustic, natural texture of seared oak top with a pedestal base of polished rose gold in the Praetorian Dining Table.

Bella Rose Gold Pendant

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