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An office should be just as functional as it is calming or energizing, depending on your personality. Any client or coworker that walks into your office should be immediately wowed by beauty and strength of your features. What you surround yourself with can tell a visitor quite a lot with just a quick glance. Whether you’re a power player, a harmonizing people person, or somewhere in between, the office you work in should not only resonate with your mentality, but also broadcast your style to anyone that enters.

An office is not simply a desk and a chair. An office includes the entire room as a whole and should share a cohesive vision, balancing colors and materials, as well as be comfortable and functional. Small or large, the options available to you are innumerable, so let’s take a look and break down a couple of builds for fashionable office furniture.

First, a Note on Functionality

Contemporary décor is without a doubt a powerful design philosophy for office and workspaces. There’s enough variety considered to work for both those that seek impressive strength or those that value natural, serene charm. There is versatility in vision to allow for most any need.

Don’t be afraid to go minimalist white with your office and work in the whiteboards that you need for planning and documentation, or take that same whiteboard and frame it in rustic wood that matches your chosen desk. The calming white noise of a small fountain can chase away bothersome distractions and come in many styles, from raw stone to smooth ceramic.

Start by finding a desk that does exactly what you need it to and fits the space you have available. Once you have that figured out and you’ve chosen a desk you can’t work without, start building your own design out from that. The desk is your foundational piece, and it can be fashionable professional without losing out on the functionality that you demand.

Duo Desk

Corridor Office Collection

The Power Play

Boldness, strength, and that first powerful impression: this build considers the warmth of rich browns and sleek attractive black as your mainstays, with a touch of silver metal for flair. As I mentioned before, an office isn’t just where you sit and what you sit on. The room should feel solid and strong without being overwhelming and stuffy.

Regardless of space, the rich red-toned wood and chrome Sequel Desk collection allows you to adapt to restrictions and freedoms as you wish, offering the Compact Desk for your small home office or the full size Bridge, Peninsula, and Corner pieces that, when put together, form a complete dedicated workspace, ready for paperwork, files, laptops, desktops, whatever your needs may be. Spread out for a full view of your work or keep the beautiful black top clear in minimalist style, it is your choice how you wish to utilize this adaptable desk.

Pair the Sequel Desk with a more than comfortable black naugahyde Truman Computer Chair or similar mid or executive-backed chair. The silvery metals and the comfortable black upholstery will not only match up wonderfully, but the seat itself is soft enough for the longest hours.

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