The Ideal Living Room Sofa

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Finding the right living room sofa may seem like a massive challenge or a task that you simply do not want on your plate, however it really doesn’t have to be that difficult.

Do you already have a color scheme picked out? Is the rest of your décor in order? What about your style, do you tend to prefer modern, comfy chic or perhaps a mixture of styles? The main thing you need to decide is the emotion that you want your space to give you and guests.

Save yourself time and stress by using these tips we have composed through decades of research and testimonies. Trust us, we can help you narrow down your search and  find the perfect sofa to fit you and your unique style.

Size Matters!

The very first thing you should consider when looking for the ideal living room sofa is the size. You need to decide how much space you want to take up with the sofa, are you looking for a smaller, compact sofa or a larger-than-life sofa that takes up the majority of the space? Always take into consideration what other items will be in your living room as well, do you want end tables? Do you have floor lamps? Make sure you keep in mind your other pieces and how they will all fit into the space.

If you are looking for a large sofa, no worries, our Natuzzi Achille is a versatile sofa that can fit in a great space, however if you are looking for more of a condo sofa then you are in luck, as the Achille is available in 3 distinct sizes to fit any room size; 3-seater sofa, condo sofa and even a loveseat!

Natuzzi Achille Fabric Sofa

Philo In-Action

The Shape of You

Another important factor to consider when choosing the right living room sofa is the shape. Do you use your living space to socialize and entertain? If so you may want to consider creating a sectional layout so that everyone can sit around and face each other to play games or share in on great conversation. If you more so use the space to relax back in front of the tv then you want to make sure that your sofa and tv are align with each other as to create the most relaxing position for yourself.

There are so many different configurations that you can create in your space; one full 3-seater sofa, a loveseat and an armchair, sectional perhaps? Just check out the Philo Power Sofa, it has numerous options available for you to customize your space just the way you want it. The layout of your living space can help create the feel you want whether that is to be open and airing or maybe more closed off and cozy. Keep in mind the other items you want to incorporate into the space as well and that everything has a good flow so it doesn’t become cluttered and non functional.

Textures and Materials

One thing that some people tend to not think about when picking out a sofa is the material. There are so many different types and textures to choose from so you want to be sure which type would best for you and your lifestyle. A few questions to ask yourself would be, do you have pets? Will this be as sofa that will be used on a daily basis? Are you rough on your furniture? All if these questions and so many more can help you determine exactly what type of material would be best for your living space.

A lot of people tend to go with leather as it is easy to keep clean from pet hairs and dirt however leather can age and crack if not taken care of properly. Fabric materials will be softer and comforting, not to mention warmer to the touch.

Fabric is more delicate and traditional, while leather is easier to clean and provides sharp, clean lines.

Janis Fabric Tufted Sectional

Tempo Leather Sofa

Colours and Patterns

Once you have decided on the material type you would like to use, another decision you will have to make is the color of sofa you wish to have. Do you want a solid neutral color? Something bold and out there? Maybe even a striped or blocked pattern to really spice things up. It all comes down to preference and research is key in this department.

The color you chose can really control the ambience of the room so make sure that you are choosing the best color for your style. Neutral colors are easier to work with as they can be incorporated into many different pallets however a bright bold piece will stand out and be a focal point of your room. There are so many options out there so really think hard on what you want your living room to say about you. Add some great wall art, maybe an end table or two and you have a whole new look.

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