Cheat Sheet: Your Personality and Home Design

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When it comes to YOUR home, you want everything to look coherent. We all know how frustrating that can be sometimes, especially when you want everything to look a specific way, be a certain color scheme, or maybe even pull off a concept that others are too scared to try.

But don’t let it be overwhelming, you can find some of the most fantastic pieces that really speak to you and it can inspire the whole look of a room. A few simple designer tips can go a long way to help you reflect your personality through your Home Décor and transform your space into the haven of your dreams.

The Living Room Entrée

Choosing the right sofa can really push your personality out into the room. First thing to do would be to assess the shape and design of your living room; does it have multiple entrances? Do you have some walls longer than the others? Etc. Once you know that, then you can start thinking about whether or not a sectional would be best for you. Maybe a sofa and loveseat would fit you better and what about a cute accent chair to pair it up with?

I love Sectionals; they cover a larger space, give lots of seating options, but they can really give the room a sleek and modern look, or a laid back, cozy feel depending on what material you choose from. Or check out this Charles Fabric Sofa for tighter spaces such as, condominiums or boutique looks. The color is a perfect shade to allow you to dress it up or down with whatever color scheme you want.

Natuzzi Italia: Forma Fabric Italian Sectional

Fabric Sectionals are making a bounce back with a variety of textures and fabrics available!


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Scalable Book Shelves

Every room in your home will have touches of your personality and unique persona, it is basically inevitable. What better way to showcase those traits than through the perfect shelving unit? Seriously, you will not believe how purposeful a shelving unit can be. Think clean, simple, and modern.

When searching for a shelving unit, you need to think of the look you want to achieve. Do you just need a small single shelf to showcase a few pictures? Or maybe you want a unit that will cover a large area. If it’s the latter and you need something scalable then this Swan Wooden Bookcase by HUPPE is the perfect unit for you. You can start with one piece and keep adding more to get the exact size you need.

Make it or Break It

One of the most important parts to room is the art work; it can really make or break the look you are going for. Some people love to pick out the art piece first and then design the rest of the room around it. The only problem this may cause is depending on how intricate the piece is it may make deciding an issue.

Don’t limit yourself to just Wall Art to release your creative visions! Incorporate decorative pieces, mirrors, clocks, or wall electronics. Let us look at this gorgeous Clouds Italian Wall Mirror by Natuzzi Italia  The bold shiny rich metals are absolutely outstanding; of course they may be too bold for some people but for those that are out-of-the box living, this will be that showstopper.

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Crystal 54" Round Dining Table

Dining Oasis

Let’s head on over to the dining room shall we? Chances are you are going to have some company over at some point and of course you need a table if you plan on serving a meal. Some people tend to think that a dining room is just a dining room, there’s no way to reflect your personality in there but that’s not true! There are so many unique tables that you can choose from that will make the room just pop with personality.

What is required is a piece of modern home décor that will not only serve as a dining table but in my opinion it will also be the perfect accent piece. What’s even better is that you pick the metal finish on the base!

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