Thanksgiving 2018 Home Showcase

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#Thanksgiving2018 is a time to celebrate, to count your blessings and spend time with family and friends. However, it is dreaded by many as the preparation and execution of a successful Thanksgiving dinner is quite exhausting.

Here is the ‘ Thanksgiving 2018 Home Showcase ‘ curated by myself and the Urban Manor team.

The First Impression:

We don’t deny the power of first impressions; they set the tone for the rest of the evening. When your guests walk into your home, you generally greet them with a smile and a warm hug, however, is your home decor expressing that same vibe?

The front foyer of your home should be inviting and give off a positive energy. Warm lighting can instantly change the mood in any room; start with changing any dead lightbulbs and even replacing old light fixtures with something more modern and fashionable. We recommend LED lights as they are environmentally sustainable, more efficient and give off better light too!

Furthermore, adding a sleek console table in the entryway with a small tray for decorations will fill out the space without overdoing it and incorporate a piece of unique artwork to finish off this portion of the home.

Atlas Console Table by Elite Modern

Chateau d'Ax Sectional

Pre-Dinner Entertainment:

As humans, we typically need to settle into an environment before we feel comfortable. Lead your guests to a living room where they can sit and socialize before dinner.

We recommend a sectional configuration to maximize space while providing comfort and style to a living room atmosphere. The beauty of sectionals are that they are modular and can accommodate any space due to its versatility in the design.

Furthermore, the newer models which are exclusive to Urban Manor; feature power headrests and footrests with USB-charging ports built in. These are perfect for guests as they may need to charge their phones before ‘Instagramming’ their dinner!

Table Decor & Accessories

The two prime colours for your table top decor should be copper and green. The copper elements give off the Autumn vibe while the green implements freshness and nature. A perfect combo for the table top that is subtle yet appealing.

Add some shine with small decor items such as trays, urns, and candle holders. It is important not to go overboard with the accessories. A few pieces will make all the difference if selected appropriately. Remember minimalism is the name of the game.

It’s always a great idea to mix candles and florals for tablescapes.  Helps to set the mood for entertaining and great visual interest. Another important tip is to keep items low (below eye level) so that it doesn’t obstruct the view from guest sitting across each other.

Bonus: Dining Chairs

A sustainable, environmentally-friendly option is to choose fabrics over leather in your dining chairs as they provide comfort and reduce environmental damage.

LAX Bowl-Oval by Global Views

Designer Inspired Bar

Drinks, Desserts and Lasting Memories

As your evening is winding down, its time to enjoy and cherish the moments with conversations and laughter.

Move over to the family room or home bar for drinks and desserts. For your family room, incorporating a sleek media unit below the TV will provide storage and a modern twist. Perfect for hiding the clutter and making the room visually welcoming to your guests.

The home bar should be minimalist focused! Stick with a vertical bar, preferably one with wheels for easy cleanup and storage. Thanks to the newer generation of designers, bars can now be a featured in your home without sacrificing space or style.

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