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It is safe to say that most people love to create a special feeling in their home, from a great cushion here, a great mirror there, we love to decorate.

Although we would love to just do it once and have it stay the way it is forever, that is not quite realistic. What about those must-haves? Those new décor trends and accessories that are popping up in every magazine and all across the internet are to die for.

Needless to say you’ll have to have at least some of them. Let us show you 4 Spring Interior Design & Home Décor must-haves.

Abstract Art

Art! When will art ever go out of style? Never, although themes and colors may change over time, more times than not they make a full cycle and those pieces that you thought were outdated can finally grace your walls again. However, sometimes, some pieces should never make a comeback. Let’s focus on abstract geometric art work though. There are so many options and colors, that really anything can be considered abstract, but toss in the geometric element and its quite niche.

There is something about bold shapes and colors that catch the eye of everyone that walks into the room so don’t be afraid to go loud. Then again, if you’re looking for a softer pallet, have no fear there are many abstract geometric pieces that will fit your mood and style perfectly. For example, if you like a pastel-based colour scheme, just look at the Hexa Pastel. It is such a unique piece and fits the category spot on.

NEW ART: Dione

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Metallic Accents

Metallic décor is really making a comeback; at one point metal was all the rage, however we saw it die off for a little while and now it is making its way back into the limelight. There are so many ways to incorporate Metals into your home. You can go with full solid metal pieces, or just a metallic coating, either way it’s one of the easier décor and accessory niches to implement into the home.

If you’re looking for a few ideas, think brass! Brass is the new look to many homes, you can find this in a great mirror, or a dish for your coffee table, maybe even a little pot for your plants, you don’t need much to make it pop as the color is so rich and standout. The really neat thing about brass finishes is that they can be extremely shiny and new looking, or they can be rustic and worn, each give such a unique look and can be incorporated into any theme. Another great way to incorporate a little brass is through your lighting, just look at this gorgeous Emilee Pendant light. It is simple but stylish and it has a clear glass shade so as not to overwhelm the décor.

Brighten it Up!

Ok, so in every home you go to, you are more than likely to find a lamp, somewhere, even if it is tucked away in a bedroom. The great thing about most lamps is that you can change up the shades and make them a whole new lamp. No longer want a plain shade? No fear, either grab some fabric that really sticks out to you and cover the shade yourself or pop out to a store or go online and find a shade you love. Most shades are standard so the options are endless.

The great thing about lamps are that they serve multiple purposes; not only do you get a great and diverse décor item but obviously it also serves as a light thus not being just another random art piece that sits and collects dust. Every room in your house could use a lamp, maybe expect the bathroom, I don’t really see how a lamp might work in there – though I’m sure someone somewhere has made it work perfectly. Keep in mind there are some phenomenal lamps out there that are art work in themselves, just check out the Astra Pendant lamp, now this one would look great in any home.

Brass Twig Table Lamp

Patina Pillow

Textures that Matter

This season we are going to see texture be a big hit. People are migrating heavily towards texture. There are so many different ways that you can play with textures. A great way to incorporate them into your living space is through handmade items: pillows, blankets, baskets. Also keep in mind that wicker furniture is making a big comeback, remember those Papasan chairs made from Rattan with the big lumpy cushions? Big time texture.

Texture can bring such a change to your environment and make it so much more stimulating to the eye and to the touch; macramé wall hangings can be intricate and soft and don’t forget unfinished art work. There seems to always be a story behind a piece that has great texture, sometimes a great gift, other times something you picked up on your travels, or maybe even something you grabbed from a local yard sale, make my words – there is always a story. In case you’re looking for something easy and quick, stylish but cozy, why not try a rug? The Bacco Rug is a fantastic pic; this rug is a tufted rug with such a rich texture and available in three different colors!

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