Selling your Home in 2018

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The market is red hot, you and your significant other decide to turn in your keys to upgrade into that new gated community mansion backing onto the ravine 35-minutes outside of the city or decide to scale down into a comfortable suburban condominium with all the amenities that you have been craving to have.

Whatever decision you make, it is crucial that you get a fair price when selling  your home to potential buyers. Today, I will help you prepare your home for selling and share the mistakes to avoid when you want to maximize your profit!

Importance of Detailing

After 10-20 years in the same home, we tend to overlook small cosmetic details, such as, a burnt out lightbulb, old paint colours, or that drywall hole from your family Christmas party 2 years ago.

However, these same details are what a lot of potential buyers are knit-picky about!  You see, a home where the details are taken care of, tends to give buyers a sense of confidence and appreciation when selecting your home to buy. Spend a little time refurbishing your space and you will see an instant influx of offers and compliments!

Swan Queen Walnut Bed

Gravity Storage Units by Huppe

The Power of Decluttering

Ok, we all hate cleaning or moving things around! But the importance of decluttering, organizing and maximizing space is imperative. Often, home ‘gyms’ become a home office or simply an unorganized storage room. You are losing valuable space and turning off any buyers.

Find one or two people that can assist you through the day to organize, store and redesign these types of rooms.

Start with Plastic Storage Bins and KEEP anything worth saving, the rest is to be donated, sold or thrown away. Don’t waste precious space keeping old garbage, maximize your space and give buyers a sense of relief.

Minimalist Art

Art has the tendency to turn your neck, ponder on the moment or see things in new perspectives. Adding art across your home, will add appeal to buyers and will simply look stunning. Use paintings, decor bowls, trays and accessories to fill out the space.

Hunter-Gatherer Vibes

A sustainable, environmentally conscious home doesn’t need solar panels or spring water plumbing to be eco-friendly. By adding plants, flowers and other greenery you add freshness, colour and life to your home. Making it more attractive to buyers.

Float by Natuzzi Italia

Urban Manor Home Staging

Stage your Home for Max Profit

If it doesn’t come naturally, outsource it to the professionals. This is especially true if you aren’t keen on interior designing or home improvements. It’s ok to admit you aren’t the most artistically inclined individual or that some DIYs didn’t go as well.

Our professional and experienced team of home interior designers, stagers and movers will set up a complete package to sell your home at the best price while maximizing your profits and putting a smile on your face.

If you want to learn more, click here to read about Urban Manor’s Interior Design Program.

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