Hudson Custom Sectional Couch


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Your heart will be in a whirl when you lay eyes on this urban sectional! The tufted design and low back not only provides a dramatic showcase for entertaining, but also a lounge-like comfort. Hudson custom sectional is made in Canada and is fully customizable: ‰be it the configuration, size, orientation, fabric or legs ‰yes, we can truly make it your own! The Hudson custom sectional couch is also available in a sofa, love seat, chair or ottoman version and in countless choices of fabrics to fully suit your needs. Every time you are opting for fabric as opposed to leather, we highly recomend protecting your furniture with Magiseal products. 

What is MagiSeal?

“MagiSeal is a protective coating that helps prevent common household spills from becoming permanent stains. Fabrics protected with MagiSeal have improved water-resistance and oil-resistance. In fact, most liquid spills simply bead-up on the surface of the fabric, where you can wipe them up, without a trace. MagiSeal allows for a quick and easy cleanup.” 



96″W x 65″D x 34″H