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You just bought the condominium of your dreams or you are simply redecorating your existing space, our interior design specialist here at Urban Manor are creating a lookbook and exclusive tips detailing how to maximize your layout, picking themes and colour palettes that express your uniqueness!


Lifestyle | Sectional

This staple configuration is a smart way to maximize seating while making a lasting impression. Leather is genuine & the purest of its kind, offered in an array of colours that will compliment any space, big or small!

The beauty of sectionals is the ability to accommodate; with choices in colours, sizes and styles, we can help design the perfect one for you.

For more impactful colours, pick summer favourites such as, oranges and blue, even a natural green is ideal.

Dorian Sectional

Gravity Storage Unit

Vertical Living

Transitioning into new spaces can be quite challenging, if you weren’t reading this blog of course! As we see a rise in condominiums across the city, it is important to use space-conscious storage.

Bookcases that are narrow yet provide multiple levels of storage is help solve both the storage and style problem.

Last #DesignerFriday we featured Joel Dupras of Huppe Furniture. He specializes in minimalist designs, spaces and architecture. We recommend his Gravity Storage Unit, available in a vast variety of configuration. You can contact us to schedule an interior design consultation on your space, for FREE!

North-American Strong

If you want quality furniture that withstands the test of time, while simultaneously looking stunning in your kitchen, breakfast or dining room. Pick a stool, dining chair or kitchen table from Amisco! They are condo-dwellers’ dream.


Choose from 88 of Amisco’s sustainable and environmentally conscious alternative fabric or high grade polyurethane. Amisco is a leader in environmentally-friendly manufacturing.

The polyurethane used is durable and home-safe material, making it ideal choice for everyday consumers.

Rival Swivel Stool

Shiny I & II

Designer Pick: Modern Art

Art is an expressive experience, it is crucial to display pieces and paintings that only speak to your personality. Since it is your home, it is better to pick art that catches your eyes the first time!

We are constantly featuring new pieces in store, come take a look at some of these exclusive finds from our interior designers!

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