The Must-Have 2017 Fall Decor & Accessory Pieces

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It’s getting cooler outside, the days are getting shorter, and the trees are starting to turn. We all know what this means. Time to break out the apple cider (and the apple cider donuts), cinnamon sticks, and the pumpkin carving knives, because this season is going to be the best of them all.

Home DIY (Do-It-Yourself) might be at the bottom of your to-do list right now, but just a few small changes can make a world of difference as the festive spirit hits. You don’t have to go through a huge home makeover. Let’s start with the Must-Have Fall Decor & Accessories Pieces!

Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall

One noticeable change when autumn arrives is the lengthening of nights. The days just don’t seem quite as bright anymore, and that can make rooms feel a bit more claustrophobic and dull. Combat this seasonal gloom with a room-expanding mirror.

Floor mounted options like the Bramante Italian Floor Mirror can work magic on a tight space by spreading available light around corners and offering a sense of depth. A large mirror is great for catching natural sunlight while it lasts and reflects the glimmer of in-home lighting all night long.

If you’re space-conscious and a floor-setting mirror isn’t in the cards, wall-mounted decor pieces are the ideal look perfect for Fall Transitional homes. Hanging scattered rose gold, brass or stainless accessories horizontally can mimic the effects of a bigger wall and will work wonders on your spatial comfort.

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Hanging scattered rose gold, brass or stainless accessories horizontally can mimic the effects of a bigger wall and will work wonders on your spatial comfort. 

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Plush Living

Fall is the season for snuggling and warmth, whether you’re cuddling up to a significant other or into a plush, soft throw blanket with the newest hardcover bestseller. Outfit your living room or wherever you choose to relax with a few colored throw blankets and pillows to complete a warm, inviting space.

While you can most certainly aim for the bright, bombastic harvest colors like spice red, pumpkin orange, and russet brown, you can also toss around white and off-white hand-knit blankets and similar cozy styles, especially if you’re working with a dark colored or leather couch already. Small or medium-sized pillows can be perfect for propping yourself up and other practical uses, plus, they just look fantastic and ready for visitors when they inevitably show up.

Try to move away from fabrics like linen and cotton. They’re too summery and flighty for the deep embrace of autumn. Lean towards cable-knit throw blankets for a more traditional, heavier approach, or wrap yourself with the luxurious softness of cashmere and velvety fleece. Also consider having differently sized pillows on hand for multiple uses. A common square shape works well for lumbar support, another smaller and longer shape would do wonders for hip and muscle pain if you tuck it between your knees during long nights with a good movie, book, or roaring fireplace.

Art for the Season

With the changing of the seasons outside, it’s time to bring that color indoors and really enjoy those rich, beautiful hues. Go with a classy seasonal wreath of turned leaves or bare twigs for an organic look, or try out a splash of bold, rich color with something a little less obvious. Nature art can draw forth the imagination, especially if you’re leaning towards the more fall colors like oranges and browns, while abstract wall art like the Bevy Wall Art can bring in deep pinks, gold and wheat-y beiges without being too terribly subject-specific.

Connect your walls to your furniture with a few well-chosen wall art pieces or hangings. White painted accessories are a big deal this year, especially when paired with wheat-colored accessories, so mirror the cute little pieces on your accent table with a naked twig or wheat wreath entwined with textured white ribbon. Go a step further and add a little shine with rose gold. It’s bold and bright enough to add some attitude to your design, while maintaining a careful balance between pastel and lighter hues.

Boreal Wall Art

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