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Working from home comes with a lot of perks. For starters, you don’t have to waste time commuting to the office, which also eliminates the need to deal with frustrating rush-hour traffic. You also won’t get disrupted and distracted by co-workers popping by your desk for an unexpected chat. Plus, every day is casual Friday in your home office. All of this adds up to more productive hours, fewer sick days, and higher overall job satisfaction.

 However, all of these incredible perks rest on a very important foundation — your home office. It has to be a place that inspires you, keeps you productive and organized, and has the right space and technology to get the job done right. So, how can you make this happen when you live in a small one-bedroom apartment?

 This is where minimalism comes in. This design theory embraces the idea of less is more, which is essential for making sure small spaces don’t feel crowded, cluttered, and cliche. Here are a few ways minimalism can help you create an inspiring home office.

Foundation Furniture:

There are many creative ways to maximize your space, and it all starts with furniture. Want a home office that doubles as a yoga room? Consider using a standing laptop desk on wheels that you can roll out of the way.

Using a corner of your living room or space under the stairs as your home office? Install a built-in desk to take up less room, improve flow, and create compact spaceto stash and store clutter.

If your home office resides on your kitchen, build the desk out of the same materials as your counters and cabinetry so there is continuity in design.

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Forward-Thinking Technology:

Who doesn’t work better with two computer monitors? For a small home office, however, it may not be practical. When it comes to technology, organize your technology by how often you use it and then let minimalist design take over from there. If you require more than a laptop, try to keep it sleek.

Printers connected to WiFi don’t even have to be in your home office. Save space by storing them in closets, attics, behind furniture and other easy to get to, but out of the way, areas.

The best way to maximize productivity is by minimizing distraction, use smart technology such as, the Apple Watch 4 Series. Boost efficiency and improve your results by incorporating timers, calendars and reminders!

Décor Vibe:

When it comes to decor, keep it functional. Keep your small space from suffocating you by doing away with any decor that doesn’t serve a purpose. Minimalism decorcreates space by using neutral colors as a base and keeping all surfaces free from clutter.

Use the “one in, one out” philosophy — if you bring something into your home office, something else has to go. For example, instead of displaying all your favorite photographs, cycle through them every few weeks in the same frame.

Green plantsare known for creating a more peaceful vibe, but instead of your shelves feeling cluttered or overwhelmed by several small plants, bring in one big, bold ficus to clear their airand your mind.

 Your small space may mean a small home office, such as a renovated walk-in closet or breakfast nook, or it could mean you’re taking over the corner of a common room, like a living room or dining room. Either way, creating a workspace that allows you to be your best, most productiveself can happen in a space of any size. It’s your mindset and attitude that creates that atmosphere more than what you do — or do not — put in it.

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