HOW TO: Pick the Right Leather

Whether you are replacing an old sofa or looking for new living room piece, leather furniture is always at the top of the list. It instantly evokes wealth and richness because we are used to seeing it in large mansions. However, you can easily afford leather furniture too.

It will last for years without noticing any changes on the material. Not to forget that leather ages so well! So if you want to find an elegant and long-term solution for your living room, leather furniture is the key.

This article will provide you with the tools to keep you well informed in your quest to finding your ideal leather furniture!

Full Grain Leather

Untreated, natural and distinct.

This leather is the purest of its kind and as the leather is naturally dyed, this process eliminates the use of any harsh chemicals or dyes used in treating other forms of leather. Full grain leather is incredibly strong. It is used for making water-resistant pieces of clothing because it can repel moisture.

It is clear that this type of leather is probably the most durable one. Additionally, it ages amazingly well and you will fall in love with your old leather furniture again and again. Aviator Leather Egg Chair is an elegant example of amazing craftsmanship and imagination. The leather looks and feels very high quality and the chair itself can either go to your office or living room. It is a versatile model that will quickly become a conversation starter anywhere you decide to place it. The chair looks contemporary but it does feature some industrial details.

Dorian Full Grain Sectional

Adore Sofa

Top Grain Leather

Top grain leather maintains full grain longevity and natural characteristics, however, is buffed to have a softer touch than full grain. Therefore, the top part is more even and polished. It is used for making beautiful furniture but the quality is not entirely same as in full grain leather. This is the next best thing so if your living room needs a gorgeous leather sofa, consider going for the top grain leather.

As an example, Aristocrat Leather Sofa is made of this type of leather and it looks so classy and elegant. The details are astonishing and it will turn your living room into something otherworldly. Opera Leather Sectional is ideal for wide spaces because it will offer you more sitting options. The white leather will completely open up the room and create a magical feeling. Your family and friends will love spending time on this sofa because it is super comfortable and features natural padding.

Bonded Leather

Bonded leather is created using parts of other leather endeavors and is combined with an adhesive material. When choosing leather furniture without the high price tag of real leather, bonded leather is a great pick. Ideal for high-traffic areas, such as dining chairs. The process of making bonded leather does resemble recycling but that doesn’t mean that it will not last for a long time. As a matter of fact, bonded leather is still quite strong due to the artificial fibers which are included in the mix. Plus, it is super affordable and you will not break a bank.

Faux Leather

A sustainable, environmentally conscious alternative that does not use any animal hides as the source of the furniture. A highly durable and multi-purpose material makes it an ideal choice for eco-friendly consumers. Cruelty-free consumers often go for faux leather because it will give them the full comfort while remaining kind to animals. Faux leather might not be as durable as the real option, but it does look similar and will make your living room feel classier and more elegant.

Barcelona Leather Chair

Brio Leather Sofa

2. Leather is a timeless investment.

Similar to your favorite leather jacket; furniture using genuine leather will adapt to your body shape, temperature and in a result, will age gracefully and look even better than when you first bought it! It is a clever investment because a leather sofa can last for a lifetime and still look amazingly fresh and interesting. Leather sofas are more resistant to staining and you don’t have to be afraid that you might not get a spot out. As a matter of fact, all you need to do is wipe the surface and you are set. Properly caring for your leather furniture is important if you want to make it appear brand new for a longer period of time. You can moisturize it once in a while and let it dry on its own.

Zeus Leather Sofa is the perfect example of amazing Italian furniture that will last for ages. It is small, compact, and will open up every space by giving it a high-class touch. It is incredibly easy to maintain due to its size so if you are still inexperienced, this might be the best place to start. Just pick and choose the color of your Italian leather sofa and that is it.

3. A piece of nature

Unlike bonded or faux leather, buying real leather furniture will bring a piece of nature into your household. No two pieces of leather will ever alike. Markings, bite spots, grain variation, texture differences are signs of a natural hide. If your goal is to find the most unique piece of furniture out there, leather sofas fit that description perfectly. Irving Leather Sofa is an excellent example because it features a classic design while the shape is quite contemporary. The texture of the leather is simply outstanding and it will age perfectly.

On the other hand, we have already touched upon the topic of faux leather that might be more suitable for people who want to be eco-friendly. Faux leather still feels quite genuine and it will make your living room feel more complete. It might not age with patina-like texture as the full grain leather, but you will get an excellent piece of furniture that will make your living room livelier.

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