Infusing Wood & Contemporary Living

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What place does wood have in contemporary décor? There’s no wrong answer to this question, simply because there is a great amount of personal preference that goes into you deciding how you want your home to look. You could be searching for a touch of zen, urning for the full rustic treatment, or trying to find some vital balance between the two. Whatever your final goal, wood can serve your design well as an accent, a supporting feature, or as a main event in whatever room you choose.

Let’s take a look at wood as it works for you as your room’s main attraction.

Where You Eat

If you’re anything like me, you take meals where you can get them, and that doesn’t always mean at the dinner table. A wise choice then would be to find a foundational piece that is a solid, fashionable, and functional piece of contemporary furniture. For a unique approach to nature’s essential building blocks, consider a piece like Nuevo’s Versaille Live Edge Dining Table.

Distinctive enough to catch attention, the seared oak’s rustic appeal seemingly floats above the ground over the simple angles of a silver metal base. At eight feet long, it’s a larger, beautiful piece that doesn’t overpower, but still makes a clean, natural impression. For a similar look, but leaning towards the space conscious among us, the made-in-Canada Nexus Extendable Table works extraordinarily well as a condo table, still offering a touch of natural wood over metal, but with a manageable size that can seat up to eight people at full extension.

Omega Dining Table

Castella Office Desk

Where You Work

Depending on your lifestyle, you might need a study or office at home to finish up pesky tasks, or even work from home, in which case, you require a solid platform from which to build your day. Some people need only a small writing desk on which to do their quick searches or browsing. Having a dedicated space is not only essential for good task and time management, but also for your own organizational health. Wooden desks have been used through centuries and centuries of history, but you’ve never seen ones that look just like this.

For versatile style and contemporary elegance, Huppe’s Castella Office Desk  offers a clean and elegant spin on the foundation of a home office. Use as much or as little storage as you need, turn the cabinets and drawers to the side for optimal organization and workspace, or tuck them aside for convenient style. Versatility is the name of the game when you’re facing space constrictions or if you’re like me and love to switch things up frequently.

Where You Sleep

Your bedroom can be more than just a place you sleep with the right solid wood bed. You’ve got the mattress of your dreams, now is the time to try the newest offerings formed from the most attractive woods. What is more central to the bedroom than the bed itself? It’s the reason for the name and the centerpiece of attention.

Those who prefer the more airy appeal of lifted platform-style beds, Huppe’s Dusk Bed is designed by Joel Dupras, resulting in a unique, top tier quality piece of furniture that will last in timeless style. The Dusk Bed boasts simple, clean lines with contemporary angles, mingling the two in a design that comes in not just one or two, but six different options for walnut finishes.

Dusk Walnut Bed

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