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Home Bars are continuously topping global Home Trends of the Summer lists and why wouldn’t they be? Ample storage, divine design and modern technologies that make you appear to be the best connoisseur of the finest wines and spirits.

With today’s limited floor plans, in condos, home basements, or tighter spaces, mobility is the name of the game.

Let’s take a look at Home Bars+ Summer Decor tips!

The Mobile Game

With condo floor plans in mind, sleek and chic designs are becoming more mainstream.  Mobile bar carts and trolleys are conveniently efficient,  user friendly and versatile. The Uptown Mobile Martini Bar is the ideal choice for many as it’s metal powder coat is available in 8 finishes with 4 wood accent options and a choice of 2 glass tops, in clear or tinted black. This extremely mobile bar will easily flush behind any corner or roll right out of sight with highly convenient built-in wheels that are covered in plastic to protect your floors.

For extended spaces such as, a devoted home bar area,  a freestanding bar with aesthetically pleasing shelving units are a perfect choice! Pair them with bar stools that are creative in nature such as, faux cheetah or faux leopard seating. These barstools will become the pillar of your entertaining area, where your guests will come to cherish your space, grab their beverages, chat with others and overall enjoy what you have to offer.

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Achille Sofa

Splash of Designer Vision

Painting your interior, for example, your entertaining space with fun, playful colours such as, a turquoise or a single wall with a blazing orange is a quick fix for any room that will go perfectly with the hottest looks. Combining that with a cool colour sofa or loveseat in a baby blue fabric or a ice white leather will complement the revamped space. The key here is to leave airiness and an aloof atmosphere while strategically placing your beloved accessories and side decor pieces across the room.

Furthermore, you want to create a space where accessories visually capture attention, while simultaneously intriguing the mind. Pieces with a vibrant mix between turquoise and a sea green works best in neutral settings. Give your mood and interior an instant boost by incorporating summer flavors into your home, whether in small doses or through a daring piece of furniture.

The Golden Presence

Lastly, how do you feel about incorporating gold into your home?

A little iffy? then you are not alone. Gold, whether it is a rose gold or a champagne plated gold requires a designers perspective; but this does not require you to break your budget or remodel your entire home.

In modern settings, the bold who have experimented with gold accents have seen an incredible return in style, design and positive energy within their living spaces. While stainless steel and chrome will never be obsolete, gold and its variances are on the cusp of being the ideal look for modern, contemporary and out of the box approaches to living.

A smart and simple way to begin is to identify any gaps or vague spots on your walls, tables or ceilings, these are the easiest to fix and replace. Continue by adding hues or light strokes of gold to add touch ups or go bold with unique and creative art work, small bar accessories or lighting fixtures that include gold paint or metals.

By incorporating these tips, your entertaining efforts this summer will become a breeze and you will create that hot summer look that your guests will die for!

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