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Fall doesn’t officially start until September 21st, but we all know if you wait until the last minute you are more likely to miss deadlines, underperform or simply skip the whole task.

Don’t make this year the same as the last. Start now by incorporating subtle autumn colors, themes, contrasts, and emotions.

Here is my #Fall2018 Home Decor blog on the hottest ideas for this upcoming autumn season!

Colours and Themes:

Let’s start with the prime focus, colour. Now colour is a very debatable topic and many home-owners think it’s expensive, time-consuming and inefficient to change the color in their entire home. And to be frank it is! If you let it be.

We live in modern homes built for minimalism and flow. The days of clunky, boring, uniform themes are long gone. When switching colors, it is important to go with what feels right for the energy you want to create in your home.

Fluidity, vibrancy and positivity are the three main emotions you want in your home regardless of the season.

And to simply put it, changing everything in your home to orange, burgundy, or white won’t make it feel like Autumn. What this will do however, make it look like you have no taste in interior design. Definitely not a feeling you want to present to your friends and friends when they walk in.

Neutral colors with hints of boldness and vibrancy is the route you want to go with. Ditch traditional ‘Autumn’ colours in your main pieces and use those colours I mentioned (orange, burgundy and whites) in your accent pieces. Which are your toss pillows, rugs, accent chairs, and finishing pieces.

By doing this, not only to do you give a twist to traditional autumn flavours; it’s easier to incorporate, more cost-effective and more appealing compared to doing a complete 180 on your home furniture, decor and accessories.

Autumn Accent Pillows

Limited Edition 'Ray Bar' by Huppe

Entertain with Pure Luxury

After months of enjoying cocktails on the patio, it’s time to bring the party inside. I know how you feel, summer is an amazing time due to warm weather, good vibes and the outdoors.

But that doesn’t mean the feeling of happiness has to disappear because the leaves outside are turning orange.

Serve up delicious cocktails, wines and spirits with the help of a bar cart. Modern bar charts or trolleys come with plastic rollers that are designed to protect delicate floors, while providing mobililty and versatility.

Furthermore, thanks to the ‘minimalist’ designers, most bars come with storage allowing for easy clean up and cover up if you aren’t entertaining. The bar carts transform into accent furniture, instantly becoming a conversation starter and adding appeal to a room.

The Key to Area Rugs

Rugs are an accessory that can make or break your space. I have seen countless homes ruined by adding a rug in every room. This is so unappealing and honestly, doesn’t serve any real function. Might as well add carpet throughout the whole house.

I recommend only 2 rooms to have a rug.

First the family room; where people spend the majority of their time. Add a nice shaggy rug for soft, cozy comfort underneath your feet to help unwind after a long day and to enjoy a movie or two.

The second: underneath your master bedroom accent chair setup. As mentioned in previous blogs. If you don’t have two accent chairs with a small 20-24″ diameter accent table  in your bedroom; you are skipping out on one of the best tips to incorporate into a modern, contemporary bedroom. When you are having your Sunday coffee with your beloved one, you want to feel warmth, not the feeling of cold hardwood. A rug in the bedroom creates separation between the seating arrangement and the rest of the room. Providing a feeling of exclusivity and comfort.

The place you don’t want a rug at all is the dining room. For some reason, people still do this. First off, when you eat, regardless of how clean and careful you are; crumbs and sips of drink are bound to fall onto the rug and stain it. Forget about yourself; guests, kids and pets will walk on this rug too, staining this rug over time. It’s not a smart investment! Remove the rug and show off that beautiful hardwood flooring.

Sonoma Rug by Stevens Omni Collection

Theo Shelving Unit by Nuevo

Open-Concept Shelving Units:

The last #Fall2018 Home Decor tip is open-shelving. The days of hidding all your dishes, accessories, books etc. are gone.

Minimalism is the key here! Spend just a few hours in your downtime to clean out your space. Don’t hold emotion to everything you have, change is super important. Donate or throw away anything that doesn’t serve a purpose to you. Your mind and home will thank you later. Clutter is well-researched as a cause for anxiety; these feelings will flow through your home, not something you want or need.

Take control and start incorporating a minimalist lifestyle in your decor. The best way to do this is open-shelving. A glass shelf is beautiful and functional, it will also help you decide the most important things and help cross out the extras. Displaying only your prized possessions, books, trophies and accessories.

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