Fall 2019 Home Decor Trends

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While we are still in the midst of the Summer season, Urban Manor is known to be an industry leader in identifying and implementing trends before they become mainstream. Backed by countless hours of market research, trade shows and traveling; we have curated a selection of important aspects and must-haves in your home this Fall Season.

Like every season, Fall is a time to create a new ambiance in your home. We are here to present the 2019 Fall Home Decor Trends for you to incorporate this upcoming season to stay ahead of the curve and build a home that suits your individual taste.

Textile Accents:

Distinct, pure, and classic; velvet textiles such as, pillows and rugs add personality to your space without unnecessary clutter and noise. Incorporate reds, oranges and neutral tones to really emphasize the ‘Autumn’ vibe in both your living and family room.

Playing around with textures and colours will be the easiest and most cost-effective method to transition into Fall. If you had a certain colour or pattern in mind, you’ll be thrilled to hear that Urban Manor offers a line of toss pillows that can be customized to your preferences, whether that is shape, colour or even textures.

Velvet Pillow Textiles

Vases and Urns

Biophilic Features:

The next Fall trend is incorporating nature and plants into your home. As the days get shorter and it’s dark after 7pm; biophillia adds a refreshing feeling into the atmosphere.

The greenery and hues of colour really make your home brighter and full of life! Providing a calmer atmosphere, cleaner air and positivity throughout your home.

Blend wood, stone and other natural materials with your plants to complete the look and don’t just limit biophilia to corners of the room. Place them on coffee tables, kitchen counters, or hang them off the ceilings as a change of scenery.

Contrasting Metals:

Sticking to the same metal finish in a room is dated and obsolete. Frankly, single tone metal atmospheres are boring and represent a lack of taste. We are using Fall to change how we present metals in our key living spaces! Rose gold and Chrome contrast in nature but by incorporating both in minimalist methods such as, artwork, bedding, mirrors, pillows and other decor items, you will notice a positive shift in energy and visual appeal.

Complementary Colours:

Take a lesson from art class and learn how to use complementary colour palettes to create unison in your room. Complementary colours cancel each other and flow really well without throwing off the balance. A quick tip is to use a colour-wheel and the colour opposite of your original pick is the complementary colour!  For example, purple-yellow pair extremely well and a blue-orange duo is amazing choice when transitioning to Fall decor.

Contrasting Metals

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