Designing the Perfect Home Theatre

There is nothing better than sitting down and relaxing in front of TV with your friends and family after work, watching the latest movies or TV shows. Perhaps you have a full home theater in a spare room somewhere in your house, but the majority of us still use our living rooms in order to lounge in front a screen, eat popcorn, and enjoy the newest titles. Of course, making your living room as comfortable as possible is very important, therefore, it is essential that a couple of pieces that need an upgrade.

The Throne

Before you do anything, measure out your living room and see how much space you are working with. You have to place your seating arrangement at a comfortable distance from your TV and coordinate it in order to get the best possible sound within the given space. The rules are the same for both large and small living rooms.

You can either place your TV on a wall or on an entertainment unit. Mounting a TV to a wall has never been easier and it can become a spring DIY project if you are skilled enough and have the proper tools. If not, call a professional. Entertainment units are super useful because they have plenty of storage solutions for your DVDs or other electronics such as a DVD player or a gaming console.

The preference today is to have functional and versatile media units that can provide storage yet are created with a contemporary astonishing finish. The Studio Entertainment Unit is the 2017 Ideal Media Unit to have for all your entertaining and daily use!

Likewise, the Cavo TV Unit is super modern and sleek. It will look amazing in industrial and contemporary living rooms. What makes it stand out from other similar models is the fact that this TV unit features a soundbar platform that will help you get that perfect theater sound right there in your home. Once you finish a movie, you can simply close the unit and it will become compact once again. Additionally, the unit has storage space that can accommodate other electronics such as your favorite gaming console.

Signal TV Unit

German Made- Frederic Leather Sofa

Futuristic Living

Once you figure out the TV placement, it is time to move on to choosing the perfect sofa for the space. As we have previously mentioned, the distance between the screen and your sofa is quite important. It shouldn’t be too close which will improve the sound quality as well.

The Giò Leather Sofa might be the ideal option for both large and small living rooms. Made from top grain Italian leather which means this sofa is easy to clean and maintain. The extended array of colour options ensures you find the perfect tone that fits perfectly into the desired setting.

Italian Made Avana Sectional is designed to provide luxurious standard with unparalleled comfort. Built similar to an actual premier theatre seating multiplied by three and made to be even more supportive. It is a highly functional piece of art that has reclinable headrests when you need that extra lift. With a full size chaise available, if you want to lay down a bit in a middle of a movie, you can do so with ease. Hand stitched by Italian leather artisans to provide the most personal home experiences.

Leather might not be the first choice for everyone. Take a look at a more environmentally conscious option in the Hudson Customizable Sectional.  The first thing you will notice is a beautifully crafted shape. It has that never-changing clean design that looks incredibly classy anywhere. Not to forget that the cushioning is super comfortable and you will be able to watch your favorite TV shows in style.

Confused on picking the right colour? Allow us to help! With our exclusive in-house  interior designers, we can match and create your ideal look!

Versatile Coffee Tables

Watching movies without snacks or popcorn simply doesn’t feel right. So if you are trying to create that real theater atmosphere in your home, make sure there is enough food for everyone before you sit down in front of a screen. And of course, your guests need to have a table to keep everything close to them. Enter a coffee table.

Coffee tables are very convenient because they are traditional compact, easy to transport, and incredibly useful. You can even choose to decorate them with various eye-catching pieces and interesting books if you want. Your home theater simply will not be complete without one.

Mercurio Coffee Table is a true showpiece because of its simplistic design. It is incredibly thin, transparent, and fitting for a living room of every size. You can add a couple of decorations to the top surface in order to make it even more interesting. This coffee table is versatile and will look great with any décor you have going on in your living room. However, we suggest that you pair it up with a couple of contemporary furniture pieces for the best results.

If your living room is industrial-themed, you should take a closer look at Lift Coffee Table. It is a stainless steel coffee table that can easily become even higher because you can adjust its height quickly. This piece of furniture is very useful if you are living in a smaller apartment and need multi-purpose furniture that can do different functions. We also have to mention the design because it is an excellent combination of stainless steel and glass.  This coffee table will look impressive in your home theater.

Ring Coffee Table

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