How to Accessorize Condos for Maximum Space

Minimalism is a term that can apply in many different ways: art, music, politics, lifestyle, and more. In interior design, minimalism tends to focus on the simple and the natural. Colors, shapes, planes. Trade detail for texture. Everything has a function and purpose without losing attractive qualities. Openness and an awareness of space are integral.

Cleanliness and Divinity

Rather than lose style, give up the extra clutter with a coffee table akin to Natuzzi Italia’s Cabaret X Coffee Table. There’s no excess here, just simple and clean geometric lines constructed of beautiful natural elements with a touch of texture. Also consider pairing it with a modern shelving unit like the Proxima, where the same clean, clear lines meet tempered glass to give your entire collection a full view. Both of these pieces are available in multiple sizes and finishes, so you can find whatever suits your purposes best. Customize to your chosen color palette and enjoy the texture offered by the natural elements.

Cabaret X Coffee Table

Pop Art

Lasting Impressions

In order to keep with the idea of decluttering our surfaces, a minimalist approach is to take photographs and art off the horizontal and move them to the vertical. Neutral greys, creams, and whites are hallmark colors of minimalism, but as a wise man once said: “They’re more guidelines than actual rules.”

If you’re leaning more towards a contemporary living approach, there’s an impact to be made with pieces like Pop and Marbella. You can likely see what I mean: the paintings themselves embrace the simple color palette of minimalist design with a bold contemporary angle. There are few color power combos like black, white, and red. Pair either of those paintings with the Bacco Rug and the smart grey leather and chrome contrast of the Fidelio Reclining Leather Sofa and you’ve got a match made in heaven.

Personal Space

Our homes can be shared with visitors and family, and even if we live alone, there are still some rooms that feel more public than others. These shared spaces are just as much for others as they are for us, and your design approach may change when it comes to the places that are meant for your personal use. Your bedroom is your sanctuary. Shouldn’t it embody the benefits of a healthy design style as well?

Consider scrapping drawers in the nightstand if you can for an open shelf. If you can’t make that trade, don’t worry. There are some things that just can’t be left out in plain view. A bedside table with legs lifting the bulk up and off the ground will give an airy feel, while a low-slung, flatter design works extremely well with the lines and shapes philosophy of minimalism. Try to avoid heavy, solid designs that look like boxes, they’ll make a soft, natural environment look awkward and bulky.

Munari Nightstand

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