Building a Healthy Home Atmosphere

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In the fast-paced world of modern living, how many of us can say we have a truly healthy home? When is the last time you relaxed in the soft embrace of a leather recliner or enjoyed a good night’s rest in a custom bed? Each home deserves to be comfortable, attractive, and most importantly, tailored to your style and desires. How you view your environment can greatly affect how easily it is to leave your stress at the door.

Spring is an especially good time to explore new home décor styles. Contemporary décor is more than just clean lines and neutral colors. Your home should be inviting, innovating and feature areas that reduce stress and allow for rejuvenation, no matter if you are alone with a book or sharing quality time with friends and family. With how easy it is to find an exclusive home furniture piece(s) at Urban Manor, our team will help create a space where you can release tension and recharge.

A chair that is truly yours!

Having a favorite chair can work wonders on a mind that is going miles a minute. A rounded design like the Genny Accent Chair boasts unparalleled comfort with its innovative Push Back technology, allowing easy, light-pressure adjustment between sitting and reclining. This means no more sudden jerks and snapping tension springs throwing you around.

With a swivel metal base, you don’t have to crane your neck between the television and visitors. It is also available in a variety of leathers, MicroFibers, and fabrics so you can find exactly what makes you the most comfortable when you destress from the day.

Genny Leather Armchair

Natuzzi Italia - Opera Sectional

Perfect Fit Sectional

Modern living is about evoking comfort without sacrificing space. A custom-made sectional can give you the options you need to design your own environment without sacrificing what you want. Decide on a style you want, match up an accent table and you’ve got a relaxing living room that you can enjoy every day.

A standout among custom options is the Glamour Sofa/Sectional, a sectional that is finished on all sides, allowing you to move and adjust your seating options to fit what you need. Available in sofa, loveseat, and free-standing single chair options, this smartly designed Canadian made furniture is intended to fit your space and your style, from large and open to private and cozy.

If you love organic, flowing lines, the Natuzzi Italia Cult Leather Sofa offers the same versatility in arrangement options and materials. The rounded shape adds softness to your living space and comes in multiple design options, giving you the freedom to lounge however you see fit.

Rest and Recharge

What better way to spend a third of your life than resting in complete comfort? Your bedroom is your sanctum, and it should reflect your style. Platform beds are incredibly popular and if you haven’t tried one yet, now is the best opportunity. Many do not require a boxspring, and some even feature under-bed storage.

If pure comfort is the name of the game, the epitome of softness lies in the Piuma Bed by Natuzzi Italia, where the entire frame is wrapped in plush white top grain leather, accented with a black ruche. No chance of knocking into the frame with your shin or dragging your ankle across a corner.

Dolcevita Italian Bed

Eileen Shelving Unit

Declutter and Display

Sometimes clean and healthy living simply means decluttering your space. Don’t enclose beloved books, picture frames, or curios inside a darkened cabinet. Even glass doors can feel restrictive, and large, heavy cabinets and bookcases can leave a room feeling packed and oppressive. It is very easy to simply stack and forget something that you just simply don’t know how to display.

An open, ladder-style shelf system like the Eileen Shelving Unit allows you to give your collections space to breathe and be seen without taking up unnecessary space. Each shelf can hold up to 50 pounds, a great space saver that marries wood and tempered glass. The Quill Leaning Wall Shelf has less of a footprint and offers much the same open-air display, but its reclaimed wood and iron has been crafted by artisan hands into a clean, beautiful shelving system.

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