April Sunshine Decor Trends

Spring is here and now might be the perfect time to start making changes around your home in order to freshen up space and make it perfect for the warm weather that is right around the corner.

There are numerous amazing ideas out there that will really bring some brightness into your house but we will take a closer look at some of the more contemporary décor options that will keep things classy and elegant.

Surely, you can try out fun DIY improvements in your free time but these tips are easy and will bring you instant gratification. So let’s dive in and see some of the most popular décor trends for spring.


People who love modern furniture often keep the interior very minimalistic. This means that there are no unnecessary pieces that clutter the space, or they keep the storage on point. So before you start cleaning out your shelves, we suggest that you unclutter the room you want to redecorate first and remove all unnecessary items. You might want to donate some items or simply place them in a box and bring into your storage room.

If you want to keep your living room contemporary and minimalistic, you need to carefully select the items you want to display there. A good shelving unit will go a long way, choose a versatile and modern piece like the  Parthenon Etagere Shelving Unit. It is available in two colours, black nickel or bronze.  It will open up your space and fit the spring theme. The Parthenon Shelf  features numerous storage shelves and you will be able to place each and every item you love right there and keep them visible. Shiny glass shelves really have that contemporary feeling that will make your living room one of a kind. Start cleaning out your old shelves and tidy up your living space. Minimalism includes simple but eye-catching decorations that will make your room feel homey but still very elegant.

German Made Villa Leather Sofa

White Vase with Shades of Teal

Natural Shades of Blue and Green

Adding a couple of blue decorations around your home will bring freshness to the interior and make it feel summery. After all, blue reminds us of open ocean and cool breeze coming from the water which is ideal for warmer months. It is important to keep things contemporary so there is no need to paint your entire room in a blue color. Instead, pick and choose a couple of accent pieces that will be placed in a visible spot.

Castlewood Art is a perfect painting for this role because it depicts clouds and a somber  sky completed with mountains in the foreground. It will make your room seem more open and wider. It is an interesting wall art piece that might look simple but it will do wonders for your living room or bedroom. We absolutely love the details and the fact that the painting is not flawless. The painting will become a conversation piece that will intrigue your guests, create a nice atmosphere, and bring the eternal spring into your home.

Bar Carts & Flowers

It might sound a bit too standard but adding floral elements into your space will breathe a new life into your home which is exactly what spring is all about. You can rearrange the actual flowers on various surfaces of your home or add some decorations on walls. Real flowers do require more maintenance. Paintings and art pieces might be the easiest way to introduce more florals to your home.

The Verra Bar Cart  has micro-etched glass surfaces and satin nickel details, this elegant bar serves up a host of integrated features and storage. With gliding on locking wheels, it will follow the party wherever it may lead.The result is very high class and elegant but still very unique.

Verra Bar Cart

Darcey Coffee Table

A Contemporary Hygge Twist

If you have a special board on your Pinterest with inspirational home designs, the chances are you already know what hygge means. However, some of you might still be unfamiliar with the concept. Hygge is a Scandinavian way of living. It pretty much means that you should keep your home cozy and simple. You can slowly introduce hygge to your house this spring. Start with the living room and add a contemporary sofa right there in the middle. Don’t forget to include some pillows and a warm blanket. This is a perfect start to all hygge enthusiasts.

With its contemporary design and straight lines, The Ellis Fabric Sofa  is a perfect choice. It can fit into any living room and provide you with plenty of space to sit or lounge around on your free days. This sofa is made in Canada and you can order it in various different colors and materials. We recommend lighter shades, especially if you are redecorating your small living room for the upcoming spring. The Ellis Sofa fits the hygge concept because it is simple but still incredibly comfortable.

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