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One may not think it, but a table can make a huge impact on the ambience of the room, it can actually tell a lot about your style and taste. Are you someone that likes a rustic, low-key, well-worn feel? Or maybe you prefer something a little more modern and sleek. Either way, there is a table out there for everyone, but don’t forget to do a little research before purchasing. You would be surprised as to what must-knows there are, especially when it comes to a wood dining table.

Your Lifestyle

The first thing you want to decide when purchasing a table is what your lifestyle is like. Do you entertain a lot? Do you need a strong and durable table to stand up to your everyday use? Would you like something of solid coloring or maybe some detail? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then a wood dining table would be the way to go. A wood table not only look great, and adds character to the dining area, but it also withstands everyday life extremely well.

Whether you need a table to feed an army or maybe just a few, you can get all different sizes of wood tables, some even come with extendable ends or leaf options to allow for adjustable sizing to fit all needs. If you are trying to decide between wood or glass and you have small children, pick wood, as glass is invisible and may potentially cause problems.

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A huge misconception with wooden tables is that you can lay anything on it, including wet glasses, vases, mugs, even chilled wine. The problem with this is that the moisture leaves water rings. Even if you think it won’t hurt, always lay down something whether it be a coaster or a towel to protect your table. Have you ever tried to get rid of the horrid moisture rings?

Sometimes a water/moisture ring just takes a little while to dry out, other times you may need to use some heat, but careful, remember some tables have specific finishes. You may even have to resort to products that are oil-based to help you out. Save yourself the misery and use a coaster or hot mat.

Water Rings

Burn Damage

Careful – It’s Hot!!

Heat! This is something that can do some serious damage to your table. Protect, Protect, Protect!

Wood protectants and sealants can easily break down with too much heat. How lovely would it look to have a big burn spot right in the center of your table, not very pretty if you ask me?

Take a preventative measure and get yourself some hotplates or placemat to lay your dishes on. There are so many styles and designs out there; you can even find particular materials if you want something specific. For example the Galia Dining Table has a stain-tuscan finishing that you want to protect and keep in tact.

Maintenance & Cleaning

Here’s the thing; a lot of people thing that because they have a wooden table, you can use any kind of cleaner or product to clean it without causing damage because ‘hey, it’s wood’. Sadly that is simply not true. Some wooden tables have finishes on them that could possibly be broken down or damaged with certain cleaners.

When cleaning your table, you should stick to a slightly damp cloth rinsed in light dish soap, and of course dry the table immediately afterwards too. Some wood tables are easier to maintain than others, but just keep in mind, no table is invincible as sturdy as they may seem.

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