7 Ways to Instantly Organize your Home

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Organizing your home probably seems like a tedious job, but it really doesn’t have to be overwhelming or stressful if you have a plan.

Don’t let the thought of organizing your whole house set you back, just pick one room at time and apply these tips and tricks and you’ll enter a stress-free atmosphere every time!

Kitchen Essentials:

The number one place in your home to be organized is your kitchen, this is where you cook your meals, entertain guests and of course the best part – EAT! So what tips can be implemented to organize such an important place? First, gut your cupboards and cabinets!

Now, don’t be overwhelmed with the mess this may cause. You need to keep a focused mind and thoughtfully go through this process. Once you have all your cupboards bare, you need to decide where you would like specific things like your dishes, glassware, cooking utensils and of course my favorite – spices. Once you have decided exactly where you want things put, incorporate smarter storage tools such as, a Pantry Organizer or a Bamboo Utensil Tray from our good friends at Bed Bath and Beyond.

Keep your counters clear except for a décor piece or two; for example, the Ace Zebra Wood Tray to hold fruit, drinks and other items. Perfect for both transitional and contemporary kitchens & extremely versatile.

Modern Kitchen Essentials: Empire Swivel Stool

Pre-Order: Italian Made-Minerva Storage Bed

Cozy Bedroom:

Bedrooms can become quite cluttered with extra clothes, blankets, books and so many other little nick knacks that you sometimes cannot even see your dresser.

Find a nice set of dressers that offer multiple drawers like the Winston 7 Drawer Dresser that doubles as a beautiful accent piece. You can also look at smaller nightstands to place your odds and ends; such as books, an alarm clock and whatever else you may want to have close by.

If you are limited on space then a storage bed might be a great option such as the Serra Bed which can be useful for extra clothing or blankets thus keeping your space clean and organized.

Designer Living Room

One of the most fun areas to re-arrange is your living room because it has so many options for organization and storage. You can literally let your imagination soar and use not only functional pieces but you are able to spice up your space at the same time.

Choose pieces that allow you to both entertain and organize.

Bookshelves are always a number one hit to keep things functional, maximize space and provide you the ability to display the things you love while keeping them neat and tidy. The Huppe 5 Shelf Bookcase is a fantastic choice because it is tall & slender yet solid, thus allowing you to put one in a tight space or place several along side of each other giving you lots of storage options. If you prefer not to have your things displayed openly you can consider using baskets or bins to place your stuff inside before adding them to the shelf.

Slim Collection: Sneak Peek

Victor Desk: Home Office Collection

Productive Home Office:

The home office! This can be a dreaded spot to keep organized especially if you are someone who works from home or if the space doubles as an art studio or anything else for that matter. The key to organizing an office is options. Some people love to have a ‘creative mess’ as they find it keeps them in the mind set however we find that a clean kept and organized office is more functional.

Start by finding a desk, the centre piece, the showstopper!  Space and Storage to tuck away all of those pens, notepads and whatever else finds its way to the top of the clutter pile is the first step. A great choice would be the Victor Office Desk, it has stellar storage and a great space on top for any kind of project. Add a matching shelving unit of to place your books and maybe a storage cabinet for any extra files and then you have one great organized office.

Dual Functionality:

There are so many great ways to organize your favorite space. One of the best ways to organize is to choose pieces that can be used for numerous things such as a table with storage. Great right?

To show what we mean just check out the Jake Coffee Table it has a great sized coffee top with storage drawers to keep your magazines, remotes and any other odds and ends that you want to keep tucked away and in its right space. You can also find storage ottomans like the Rondo Ottoman that serve for a great foot rest and a space to tuck extra blankets.

Kubika Storage Ottoman: Natuzzi Italia

Accademia Sideboard

Magical Sideboards

One of the most magical pieces that can help organize your dining room is a sideboard. Not only can they be stunning to look at, but you can store and organize many different things inside while displaying decorative pieces on top.

When choosing a sideboard make sure you have one that that allows you to tuck those extra napkins and serving trays away, but one that you can also display finger foods to your guests when extra space is needed. The Accademia Sideboard is a fantastic choice, you won’t be disappointed.

Bonus: Living Room Hack

Sometimes having an open concept shelving to organize isn’t always one’s taste. Have no fear! There are so many other options that you can use to help organize your living space without giving up taste or design. Do you like closed cupboards to tuck away your items? Need it to double as a display for your TV? No worries, we have just the option for you.

Check out the Semblance Low Media Unit it is the perfect amount of clean cut modern storage while also give you a great spot to place your TV thus doubling its use and will keep your place organized and looking great. We all love functionality and what better way to organize than choosing a piece with multiple options.

Media Unit: Elements Media Unit

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