5 Step Guide: Designing your Wood Dining Table

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Let’s be honest, sometimes a wood dining table doesn’t come off as contemporary or modern. Traditionally, a wood dining table is bulky, unfashionable and boring!

When picking a new table for your dining room or kitchen space, it is crucial you pick one that is built to your specifications, style and personality. Besides visual appeal, a perfect dining table presents stability and functionality.

Here is: 5 Step Guide: Designing your Wood Dining Table !

1. Measuring out the Room

The most important step before entering a showroom, is measuring out your dining room/kitchen to figure out the optimal size of the table. A rule of thumb: leave approximately 3.5 feet – 4 feet (42″-48″) from the wall to the start of the dining table on all sides to allow for clearance for guests and tenants to walk around and entertain. If the space is tight, 2-2.5 feet should be sufficient without overcrowding the space.

Next optimize for the shape of the room. More often then not, customers make a poor choice by putting the wrong size/shape dining table in their dining room. For example, an oval table in a rectangular room looks stunning and proportionate. However, a rectangular table in a square room looks too squared off and unappealing to the eye.

Don’t skip this step as it provides the base for the rest of this 5 step guide!

Measuring 101

Round Wood Dining Table

2. Shape of the Table

After measuring out the room, and determining the dimensions of the optimal table, its time to decide the shape of the table. As mentioned above, the table should flow with the room and provide visual appeal as well as functionality.

The standard: Square or Rectangular are staples in dining tables, however, don’t be aware to try Oval or even a Live Edge shape. These provide a contemporary feel compared to traditional dining tables. Live Edges are timeless and simply look beautiful due to their uniqueness.

For condominiums, round or oval tables work the best as they don’t take up that much space while being more flexible in sizing: anywhere from 30″-60″, perfect for your smaller space.

3. Legs or Pedestal

The third step is to pick legs or a pedestal as the base for your table. For tighter spaces, 4 legs is key to allow for space underneath the table for your legs and its more appealing in condominiums and smaller homes.

A pedestal works best in large dining spaces as its minimalist look draws the attention to the beautiful wood and majestic look. Available in a variety of different styles, pedestals are replacing legs as the go-to in dining table bases due to its attractiveness.

If contemporary is what you are leaning towards, choose legs or pedestals that don’t have too much detailing; by avoiding this, your table will stay timeless and elegant. You don’t want to change your dining table in 5 years because the legs you chose were too traditional.

Pedestal Base

Profile and Apron

4. Profile & Apron

A profile refers to the top of the table: the shape of the wood edges. Stick to a squared (D-profile) top as its more practical and not as trendy!

Apron is the under-skirt that connect the table top to the legs/pedestal. Due to popular demand, companies have started to offer a variety of styles you can choose from.

Aprons provide structural support and strength to the entire table, moreover, thanks to the different designs, you can pick one with a minimalist feel that flows or pick one with some fine detailing to add some flare to the dining table.

5. Wood Stain/Finish

The last step is the wood stain/finish: Picking the correct finish to match or contrast the dining room theme is crucial.

3 Types of Finishes: 

Wipe Stained:

Our most popular option; this stained finish is carefully hand-wiped by craftsmen to highlight the natural grain of the wood. It’s modern and provides a subtle wood look.


This is a paint finish;  it’s best use is condominiums, or high-traffic homes (kids). Thanks to the paint finish, its offered in different colours; from staples such as, black to playfully bright colours such as, red or oranges.


This finish is the most traditional and classical. A distressed look with random nicks, dents and marks to provide a rustic feeling.

Wipe Stain Finish

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