5 Home Décor tips for the Spring Season

Spring season is the perfect time for a home makeover. After all, we are ditching those heavy winter clothes and storing them until the weather gets cold again.

You should do the same to your home and freshen up the interior. You can even include some DIY improvement and customize the existing furniture. The weather is warm and sunny so you will feel inspired by the bursts of colors that surround you.

Redecorating your home for spring will not take you a long time. Simply dedicate one weekend to home improvement, create your to-do list, and focus on the work ahead. Here are a couple of quick décor tips you can easily do this week:

New Age

If you haven’t painted the walls in a couple of years, you should start thinking about it right now. It is a perfect spring DIY project you can complete in a day or two, depending on the size of your home. Picking out the shades can be a bit tricky but keep in mind that fresh pastels complement almost every style out there. Keep things light and avoid darker colors because they are more fitting for colder months.

Once you finish painting the walls, it is time to take care of the floors. Carpets are often overlooked during redecorations but they are a huge part of your everyday life. Every room feels incomplete unless there is a carpet on the floor. Selecting a rug that goes well with the rest of the room will open up the interior. Oceans Rug is a handcrafted carpet made in a shade of blue that will remind you of open water. It is clean and invigorating which is very fitting for the spring season.

On the other hand, Bacco Rug is universal and looks good during colder months as well. The color is a bit off-white but it widens the space. It is a classy option for people who love modern décor and want to keep things as simple as possible.

Escape Media Unit

The best way to start a spring season is to declutter your home and it all comes down to shelves. If you have them in your living room only, we suggest that you get a couple of new shelving units and place them around your home. You can use them for storing various items such as towels and clothes.

Quill Small Shelf is incredibly compact and you can place it anywhere. It will look great in a hall or living room. You can use it for storing various collectibles or accessories you keep misplacing all over your house. It is suitable for a bathroom as well provided that you have enough space and a free wall.

If you enjoy watching movies and TV shows but can’t seem to find the right place for your DVDs, investing in a good entertainment unit is a must. It will help you organize your collection better and you will have everything you need in one place.

For instance, Modesto Entertainment Unit is spacious, well-built, and you will get enough shelves and cupboards for storage. Not to forget that it will make your living room feel homier and movie nights will quickly become your favorite activity during warm spring weather.

Artistic Experience

The best way to breathe a new life into a room in just a couple of seconds is to switch up the artwork you have hanging on the walls. Since spring is just around the corner, the paintings and prints in your home should be colorful, bright, and happy.

With its fresh blue color, Cirrus print would look amazing in your living area. It will make the interior more interesting and complement every décor you have inside. If you love traditional art, this one is for you. Supernova is an unusual piece that draws everyone’s attention with bright pink details. It is an excellent option for people who are not into traditional paintings or prints but want something unique and one of a kind.

On the other hand, if you are unable to hang paintings, take a closer look at your photo collection. We are sure you have some holiday snaps that fit the mood perfectly. Green and flowery landscapes work really well and they will brighten up your mood instantly. Place your favorite photos into simple metallic frames and display them on your shelves.

A sustainable, environmentally conscious alternative that does not use any animal hides as the source of the furniture. A highly durable and multi-purpose material makes it ideal choice for eco-friendly consumers.


Gold Flower Vase

Add greenery to create space and balance in any room!

Greener Do-it-Yourself

Since you are redecorating your home for spring, the simplest way to refresh any room is to add some greenery. Dried arrangements remind us of autumn so aim for bright and fresh flowers. You can also hang a couple of small planters in your kitchen and use them for growing your own spices that will start sprouting out in a couple of months.

Fruit arrangements are another great way to introduce more colors to your home. Create a perfect centerpiece for any dining table by selecting a small number of plant products and place them in a wide bowl. It might sound simple but it will immediately change the mood of the room.

Accessories & Space Finishers

There are so many details and small improvements that will bring your home to a whole new level and make it feel fresh as well as modern. For instance, mirrors will make your space appear wider so if you always wanted one in your dining room, now is the time to get it. A nice statue or a wall mirror looks like an art piece and looks amazing on every wall. It is an excellent piece of spring décor because it will catch the sunlight and make your dining room feel warmer.

If you are more into spring DIY décor, you can transform your old shelves by adding wallpapers to it. This is a great idea for people who use shelving units as room dividers. Simply cover the rear with the design you like and that’s it. Wallpapers will add a whole new dimension to the interior and make it more cheerful.

Roman Warrior

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