4 Ways to Create Serenity in your Furniture, Home Decor & Accessories

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Your home should be the place you feel the most relaxed, comfortable and serene with! A place where you can retreat and get away from the outside world. When I come home, I don’t want to feel like I’m walking into someone else’s space, I want to feel as if I can strip away any external stresses and leave it all at the front step.

Some people have their whole house feeling like a sanctuary while others have just one room that they can slip away to. You may be wondering how to bring a sense of peacefulness into your home, here are 4 simple tips to help you reach that perfect level of tranquility.

Piece of Mind All Night Long 

If you look around your home, I’m sure you can see lots of little ‘extras’ that really do not need to be there. All those knick knacks are really not necessary and not only take up space but collect dust and clutter your mind. Now, I’m not saying to throw all those items out, but pay attention to whether you are going to use those pieces over the next while or are they unnecessarily causing you stress.

When you declutter your home, you are also decluttering your life.

Read this Harvard Study on how your mood is determined by how well you sleep ! Keep a minimalist look with clean lines, natural materials and chic accessories.  The Monza Bed will have you feeling well rested, and the serenity created will be magnificent. Another great tip in regards to the bedroom; is to make the bed! It’s said that a made bed gives a sense of accomplishment and a positive jolt of energy in the morning is definitely what you need to be successful!

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Reflecting Personality through the Use of Colour Palettes 

Did you know that colour affects not only your emotions but your hunger, body temperature, hormones and even your direct energy levels! People don’t realize just how important colour is! The colours you choose for your home are crucial since different colours radiate a variety of emotions. Even playing around with shades of a colour can make a difference to the atmosphere and the overall feeling of a room.

Take a look at this quick list of common interior colours and their associated effect:

Blue: Calm, Serenity, Uplifting

Pink: Youth, Creativity, Visionary

Green: New Beginnings, Fresh Starts, Natural

Orange: Happiness, Positive Vibes, Playful

Brown: Wholesomeness, Warmth, Sophisication

Experiment with colours palettes and then match the feeling you’d like to create. If you’re looking for a calm and relaxed atmosphere you are going to want to choose a ‘cool’ refreshing colour such as, blue or a green.

As the transition to Fall soon approaches; oranges, light greys and browns are becoming the hottest in Autumn Fashion for both your home and clothing choices!

Euphoric Vibes

Choosing the correct piece of artwork is another big part in creating the atmosphere you want. A bold and eccentric painting can really brighten up the room and give electric vibes to all who enter. However, if you are looking to be more relaxed and chill, you may want to look at getting a piece that is a little more subtle.

As always, don’t limit your vision to just artwork. Incorporate decorative pieces, such as, bowls, plant holders, vases, wall hangings, mirrors and waterfalls to further express your personality!

A refreshing idea would be to add rose gold accessories that are bold yet provide the modern, chic finishing touches that are required for your home to be completed with the latest in home decor trends.

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Adding Vases, Sculptures, Mirrors and other decorative pieces can easily replace Wall Art!

Globe in Square Floor Screen

Brighten Me Up

Some people want lots of  direct light while others prefer to have soft, low lit areas to help them settle down after a long day. Lighting is the easy part, there are so many options out there: lamps, pendant lighting fixtures, sky lights, windows, chandeliers etc.

Choosing the perfect lighting unit doesn’t have to be overwhelming, pick one that speaks to you! If its not bright enough, get higher watt bulbs, if its too bright, lower the wattage. Browse through the top rated lighting fixtures here: https://www.urbanmanor.com/lighting/

Incorporating a modern lighting screen can instantly brighten up the entire space while simultaneously providing functionality as a transparent screen!

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