4 Spring Accessories & Décor Hacks!

The opinions do vary when it comes to artwork and it all depends on who you speak to about it. The artists say that matching any art piece to your furniture or room décor is an insult and you should go with something that speaks to you on a personal level. On the other hand, hanging a painting that looks very out of place in the middle of your living room will be a pure decorative disaster.

Luckily, there is a way to balance all of that out. Ignore the supporters of “the artworks has to match the room” movement and forget about the opinions of artists. There are a couple of useful advice to follow that will help you find the best artwork for your space, and make it work well with the rest of the room too!

1. Limited “Unlimited” Colour Palettes

The best way to make an artwork appropriate to your living room is to choose two to four colors and stick to them in terms of furniture and the paintings themselves. The colors will be well balanced and you will achieve that modern contemporary look that is also super elegant.

For instance, pairing up Bevy painting with the  Oslo Sofa is the way to go because they will complement each other well. With its deep black background and accented bright flowers, Bevy will match Lucca Sofa effortlessly. The sofa has a classic shape that is both timeless and very current. It will pop out with its bright blue and wood inspired by the shape of nature and make every living room contemporary and trendy.

Other excellent examples are the contemporary combo of the Migration Art  and the Glamour Tufted Fabric Sofa. Each piece looks impressive on its own but they complement each other so well once you put them in the same space. Glamour Tufted Fabric Sofa evokes Hollywood Regency décor style which is in-trend and provides the designer look that any home seeks. It possesses the air of sophistication and the beautiful array of colours speaks deep to individual personalities.

Migration Art

Magic Square LED Mirror

2. Personal Daily Reflection

If you are in love with the artwork you have hanging on your walls and want to make it even more prominent, consider adding more reflective surfaces to your space such as mirrors or tables.

This is the best way to get the most of it because a painting can be seen from different angles and it will always be the centerpiece of your home. Reflective surfaces will probably make a painting even more interesting because you can view it from upside down or as an inverted reflection, bringing a whole new aspect to the story.

The traditional round and boxed looks are out of trend. The Galerie Contemporary Mirror is a glamorous piece that will look great in any room of your house. The glass frame screams sophistication and will make your home feel like a modern art gallery. It is beautiful, clean, and doesn’t have any unnecessary details that might steal your attention from the sheer elegance of this mirror.

Unusual mirrors are especially popular nowadays and they can be an art piece on their own. Magic Square LED Mirror is the perfect example because it is unique and features LED lights that create an optical illusion. It is still reflective and will mirror the artwork from your walls but will add an extra dimension to the way you see things around you.

3. Brighter Lighting

Excellent lighting is super important if you want to make the artwork visible and eye-catching. Unfortunately, the majority of us seem to forget about it. Lighting will not only complement the artwork but will do the same for the rest of the furniture in your space. You can either go for spotlight lighting above a painting which is the most direct way to emphasize the art, or strategically place powerful lamps around a room. The shadows and brightness will highlight parts of an artwork and your living room or bedroom will come to life instantly.

Gold & Rose Gold decor is on the cusp of being the next long-term trend in the market, be the first to experience the vibrancy and stunning posh vibe that gold creates. The Vladimir Gold Table Lamp is a versatile unique lamp  that can be placed absolutely anywhere. It can be seen as modern décor that complements every room in your house.

If you are more into chandeliers, take a closer look at 15 Tales Pendant Light. It is a contemporary décor piece that relies on industrial influences. This is not your standard chandelier and it can make your home even more interesting to your guests. The overall design is not overwhelming and it will brighten up every space with its powerful light. And this chandelier is an artwork itself because it looks distinctive and a bit eccentric.

Vladimir Gold Table Lamp

The Golden Dragon

4. Featured Finisher

A room simply doesn’t feel complete unless there is some variation of artwork on the walls. Some dislike to hang numerous paintings all around our homes and that is perfectly fine. You can buy a single large piece that will stand in a visible place somewhere in your living room. This addition will completely transform the space, especially if you coordinate the colors well. You can either get a repetitive print or one large canvas that will become the main feature.

The Succulent Art will bring a hint of spring and will inspire self-growth with its simple yet powerful impact. It is a dynamic piece of artwork that can be easily coordinated with the palette and textures you already have in your living room. The shades are essentially nature focused but the piece will stand out on its own, making your home feel even unique.

The Golden Dragon is this Month’s Featured Room Finisher. A true eye-catcher and intriguing to the sense, known to create positive energy and provide good luck to the beholder.

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