4 ‘I Wish I Knew’ Home Renovation

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Renovating can be quite challenging, especially if you aren’t equipped with the right tools, resources, and knowledge. This is a home-owner’s nightmare, not knowing what materials to buy, indecisiveness with colour palettes, and overall confusion on how much its suppose to cost!

Luckily for you, I have already made and seen my fair share of renovations that have gone completely wrong. So, I have decided to share my 4 ‘I wish I knew’s before my Home Renovation.

Overpaiding for Cheap Materials, Underpaying for Craftsmanship

The reason great contractors are always busy? because they do great work!

Talent costs and it is definitely worth the investment to spend a little more on a quality, experienced professional with years of experience under their belt and a viable portfolio and references to support their claims. Spend some time deciding which company/contractor is going to take the helms of your home renovation project.

Likewise, I see a majority of people trying to economize by purchasing  cheap, low-quality materials and tools to help stay within their budget. However, this is probably the worst decision you can make when trying to meet the financial goal.  Try saving money by foregoing cosmetic enhancements such as, a swimming pool or landscaping instead.

Silk Upholstered Queen Bed

The Bigger Picture > Details

Focusing on the details in certain rooms is important, i.e. the tiles in the washroom, the colour of the painting in the living room or the chandelier light in the dining room.

However, don’t fuss about the micro-details; if your contractor recommends a certain fix, alternation, move or removal, focus on the technical and architecture aspect of the advise. If you chose the right contractor based on my tip above, you should listen to he/she based on their experience and professional-eye.

Also, don’t worry about always matching colours, themes and ideas. Play around with designs, metals, styles and express your vision and personality through your home. It’s your home! Make it unique!

Not Consulting with a Designer

Even as a designer, I needed a designer!

A professional can see a variety of flavourful angles, themes, contrasts and perspectives that might seem odd or bizarre in the beginning. But when it comes to fruition, you know you made the right choice by listening to your designer.

Moreover, you and I both know that time is the most valuable asset, so why waste it away by making head-rattling decisions? Save yourself the time and the extra money, hire a professional who has done this a hundred times over.

Interior Designer Specialists

Bright Tech Shop: Smart Lighting

The Future: Smart Home Technology

Don’t get me wrong, your home requires balance and a minimalist appeal. Going with this approach will keep you calm and relaxed within your home atmosphere, translating into a more productive, and graceful day.

However, as we are entering a new age of technology it is important to incorporate a few pieces of smart home innovation.

A minimalist decor piece such as, Circle LED Table Lamp is a great choice for the environmentally-conscious home owner that wants to do good for the environment while adding a contemporary, futuristic touch to their atmosphere. Not to mention, the built-in USB Port allows you to charge remotes, smartphones and other USB port devices from the comfort of your sofa.

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