Chair Experts: 4 Dining Room Chair Ideas

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Your dining room is a room that you use for various uses: entertaining guests, putting off big feasts, spreading out that puzzle so that you can see every single piece, arts and crafts, you name it! It can be the go to spot very numerous things; I know I used to use it for school so that I could spread out all my papers and notes.

As great as the table is, sometimes the chairs can get lost in the fun, and of course there are many different kinds of chairs that can be picked to match your atmosphere and home. So let’s have a look at a few that can jazz up your dining room table to whatever your personal preference may be.

True North Strong

There is something to be said about a solid wood dining room table and chairs, the high backs, the smooth lines and of course the great wooden color. If you are a modern lover but crave a contrasting then the  style of staple pieces are the perfect compliment. As an authorized Dinec  Dealer, our choices in solid 100% Birch dining chair offers an award-winning selection of colours & materials for the both the seat and a variety of wood stains for the legs.

Even though traditional may not be the cup of tea for you, it doesn’t mean you can get a little creative with your choice, maybe a shade lighter or darker, or perhaps and heavy slatted back while still keeping the classic shape and lines of a traditional dining room chair. There are always options that will stay true to your heart but allow you to step just a little bit outside your comfort zone.

Zora Dining Chair

Monroe Dining Chair

Color Popping

We simply love when walking into someone’s home and we can see pops of color; whether it is art work, décor or better yet, the dining room chairs. Who says that you have to stay with typical brown or black? Certainly not us, variety is key. The great thing about adding color or spice to your dining room is that you don’t have to just stick to a color change, there are all sorts of fabrics with patterns such as stripes, circles, plaid, and herring bone. The options are simply endless.

If you’re looking to get a little bold and adventurous, check out the Bliss Chair by Elite Modern, it comes in several different colors of fabric and leather and is paired with metallic powder-coated legs which will go with any color palette you choose. Who doesn’t like options? The chairs have tapered upright legs to add flair and ultra-suede makes them extremely comfortable. There is nothing better than style and comfort.

Contemporary Elegance

It’s one thing to add a pop of color, but what if you want to stay sleek and modern but also crisp and clean all at the same time? Don’t fret! All of those things are completely attainable in one chair, and then best part? You don’t even have to scour the earth looking for that perfect chair, we can help you with that right here and now.

White and chrome is such an outstanding pick to add to your dining room. You can keep your look crisp by choosing the Abby Dining Chair, it really is a white lovers dream. This bold and stylish design not only has clean cut lines but also has outstanding durability and support. The best thing about having white chairs is that you can change up your décor. Add a basket or bowl of fruit to the table, maybe a vase of fresh cut flowers and you have your pop of color to match any scheme you want.

Garbo Dining Chair

100% North American Birch Dining Chairs

Short and Sweet

Another great look that sometimes people forget about is a short and stout chair. Not only are they usually more sturdy but they also give a little extra room in the seat, who knows maybe you have to share with someone else.

However, sometimes you’re unable to go with a shorter chair due to the height of your table, but you still want that same comfortable outline, the soft luxurious look but with a little added height in the leg and well, you might as well add a high back for even more comfort. If that is what you’re going for then have a peek at the Barrett Dining Chair.

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