3 Ways to Maximize Space

“Honey, it won’t fit!”

The dreaded question “will it fit?” is often said when you cannot imagine how new furniture will fit physically into your space. This can be extra stressful if you are already aware that you are dealing with a small apartment or a house.

When it comes down to it retrofitting any room into a modern living area demands some time. And it will add more cost too. Colors, floors, accessories, windows and a whole lot of other items obstruct our thinking at times.

Focusing on the small improvements that you can do today is the key in this situation. It often comes down to the selection of proper furniture as well. Spacing and layout means a lot, why not save a headache and follow these tips?

Soften the Colour

The quickest way to make your living space appear bigger is to paint it in bright colors. Using dark paint or wallpapers will give you the opposite effect and will make any room look way smaller than it really is. Yes, darker colors are way more elegant and mysterious but if your goal is to maximize the size of a room, choose something bright. Painting can be an excellent DIY improvement and you can quickly finish the work on your own.

White is the classic color and will work well with any décor. But it can be dull and generic as well. The best solutions are brown and gray colors because they are warm and gentle to the eyes. It will give you the same effect of wideness without looking too common. You will still have a unique apartment that is well lit and bright. Don’t forget the flooring either. Go for a wooden finish that has plenty of browns in it.

You should continue to do the same with the furniture so choose grays, whites, or light browns. Domino Leather Sofa is designed exceptionally well. It has a traditional look that doesn’t stand out too much but it will still make your living room appear bigger and well put together. Since the sofa itself is quite small, it will surely fit into the tiniest apartments out there. The stylish and straight lines will make sure that this sofa becomes the favorite piece of furniture you own.

Pod Ottoman

Versatile Ottomans

Highly functional and virtually weightless, the versatility in ottomans is unique and makes for a great footstool, mini-coffee table or extra setting! This type of furniture is often overlooked but they are great in any setting. You can quickly repurpose them and use an ottoman in every occasion. Some ottomans are hollow and the seat can be lifted up to uncover the insides. The available storage space might not be huge, but it will make a huge difference, especially if your living room is filled with items such as toys.

The Pod Ottoman is simple but very functional. The overall design is not too flashy so it will complement any interior design you already have in your home. It can be used for seating or as a makeshift coffee table in your living room. You can easily transport it from one side of the room to another because it is fairly light.

If you love modern details, go for Ken Ottoman. It is the perfect combination of metal legs and leather upholstering that will suit any contemporary or industrial settings well. The lines are simple and clean but the ottoman itself looks quite elegant and classy.

Brook Ottoman has an even more eye-catching design that relies on the classic style often seen in Europe. It is made of leather and wood. What we love about it are the legs which feature amazing details that will add more sophistication to your living room or bedroom.

Ottomans are supposed to be transportable, especially if you are living in a small apartment. Jarvis Ottoman fits that description because it is light and you can have a firm grip on it. It comes in a variety of colors so you can choose one that will fit your current interior design. It is well cushioned and comfortable but you will be able to place your coffee or drink on it when needed.

Sustainable Wood Furniture

Sustainable wood is fashionable and scalable. Canadian-sourced using the highest of regulated environmental standards, shopping for dining tables and bedroom furniture of any size that provides lifetime support has never been easier. Sustainable wood is perfect for every eco-friendly person out there who want to preserve the nature. This material is completely renewable so your furniture choice will not damage the ecosystem. After all, we all need to think about reducing our carbon footprint at least a bit.

If you love the look and feel of wooden furniture, you will be pleased to hear that it will help you make your apartment look more spacious as well. We have already mentioned the fact that the brown color has that effect. So take a closer look at some options made of sustainable wood because what you do now will determine the lives of future generations.

Jean Dining Table is made in Canada and the wood used for creating this piece of furniture is sustainable. It might look a bit simple but you will fall in love with it as soon as you notice the details, namely the base of the table. The table has that rich brown color that will instantly warm up your dining room and make it feel friendly and welcoming. It has a brushed finish so it is modern and very matte.

If your dining room is too small but you still love having guests over every weekend, Tamy 2 Table will help you a lot with that. It will arrive with a small removable extension table that can connect to the main one effortlessly and provide you with more seating options. The color is deep and quite intriguing. You can continue using the standard table on a daily basis but you can always rely on the extension when guests arrive.

Jean Table

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