3 Secrets to Spice Up Valentine’s Day

Avoiding the cliché of flowers, chocolates, and the usual spa gift card, rekindle your romance with your partner by adding fresh décor to your house or apartment. There are probably many furniture pieces that need an update in your home and this particular holiday is the perfect time to browse through the selection together and find something suitable for the space you live in.

Perhaps you should upgrade to a solid wood bed or add different accessories to make your home fresher and more open.

Let’s dive in and see some useful Valentine’s Day décor ideas.

Starts in the Bedroom

Re-design your room with a new bed that speaks intimacy, elegance, and confidence. Silver grays and deep blues create an atmosphere of serene feeling and will adequately fit with many accessory pieces.

Our Attraction Bed follows the industrial style of design perfectly and has a silver metallic frame. The detailing on the headboard is truly sensational and it will become a centerpiece of your bedroom. The frame itself is made of steel so it will last you for years. And you can also adjust the height which is super useful. So if you need some freshness in your bedroom décor, this piece of furniture will fit in effortlessly.

If you are more into contemporary design and you want to stick to the classics, Plank Bed might be a better solution. It is also gray and features an upholstered headboard that is elegant and classy. Add some deep blue sheets and it will become your favorite place for resting and recharging the batteries. It is a modern décor piece that is quite spacious and very comfortable.

Piuma Italian Bed

Avana Leather Italian Sofa

Attention to the Details

Handcrafted artwork symbolizes creativity and imagination but prints look great pretty much anywhere. Complete the space with oil-based paintings that consist of only one focal point. Bright reds and monochromic backgrounds are the perfect compliments. Flower motifs are quite suitable as well because they will look incredibly good in the spring when the weather gets warmer.

When it comes to the colors, make sure you go for warmer tones. They will make your entire home more beautiful and cheerful. For instance, this Bevy painting will warm you up during colder seasons and elevate your mood, while looking incredibly fit for spring or summer décor. Peachy tones will complement any room, regardless of the wall colors.

Contemporary wall art is always a great idea. This Je T’aime painting is simple but very current. It fits Valentine’s Day theme and will immediately bring some color into your living space. On the other hand, Kissing in the Rain has more details. The pop of red color is absolutely gorgeous and works well with the composition of the painting. So if you are not a fan of minimalistic art and crave the wall art with more depth, this painting will look lovely anywhere you decide to put it. This particular piece of art will surely create a loving and romantic atmosphere in your home which is super important around the Valentine’s Day.

If you are not fond of flowery details, there is a way to include more color in your home that doesn’t include wall art depicting bouquets. The Feather Bliss painting looks so elegant and effortless but will add that something to your bedroom. Feather as a symbol is incredibly powerful so when you add some warmer shades to the painting, it simply has to look stunningly. It is better to start gathering the spring décor during winter because you will be ready for it in no time.

Warm Feet, Happy Heart

Try incorporating a toe-warming area rug to provide genuine comfort while maintaining a contemporary look. A rug can truly make a room more complete and it will always keep your feet warm. You can comfortably walk around your home barefoot and still feel like it is summer. Bacco Rug is so plush and cozy that you will wish that your entire floor is covered by it. The gray and silver colors are very contemporary and will not clash with the rest of your interior design. It is very high-quality and made with a lot of love.

Museo Rug features an eye-catching design. The black and white stripes are perfect for every modern bedroom, especially if you are trying to keep the interior as simple as possible. It is not flashy but will be noticeable in a subtle way. As a matter of fact, you will probably end up with a unique combination of stripes because each and every piece has a different pattern placement.

Dark and deep colors of Argo Area Rug will make your bedroom more mysterious and interesting. This rug will certainly contribute to the romantic mood. It will be the perfect contrast if the rest of the room is white or gray. There are still some shades of light in it so it will not darken the space completely. It might look simple but you will love resting your feet on this rug every single morning. The warmth and coziness are guaranteed.

Avery Accent Chair

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