2020 Modern Interior Design Trends

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Welcome to 2020, a New Year!

January 1st always bring a sense of urgency and excitement. The feeling to do more, to be more and completely change everything about yourself!

Fresh beginnings start with the condition of your home. Think about it, if your living environment is unorganized, dull and overly simple, where will you draw the energy to take on the challenges of the outside world?

I have researched and collaborated with a number of designers and architects in both the home improvement and fashion industry and as a result, I have curated the ‘2020 Modern Interior Design Trends’.

Now before you go further, it’s worthy to note that interior design trends are all subjective, just like fashion. Not every ‘trend’ will work with your home, personality or style, and that’s OK! Pick and choose the ones that you resonate with and incorporate them into your home.

The Colour of The Year: Classic Blue

Pantone announces its ‘Colour of the Year’ and the next 12 months will dominated by the hue Classic Blue. According to Pantone, Classic Blue is “Instilling calm, confidence, and connection, this enduring blue highlights our desire for a dependable and stable foundation on which to build as we cross the threshold into a new era”.

Blue may not be your favourite colour and might feel ‘cold’ but use this as an opportunity to think outside the box! Incorporate the 2020 Colour of the Year as an accent colour. Include it subtly in your home decor and accessories, such as, the accent chairs, table top decor, toss pillows, ottomans and even area rugs. These inexpensive ways to add modern interior design trends into your space are easier to switch in&out and will save you money in the long-run.

Lucie Occasional Chair by Nuevo Living

Outline Desk by Huppe

Advanced Productivity: Organized Home Office

You can’t make 2020 the best one if your productivity and creativity levels are maxed out! To harness this energy, you must create a space that minimizes distractions and maximizes focus. Where you come to improve your business, ideas and art is the most important room in your home. The ‘Home Office’ is a space dedicated solely to boosts results and increase productivity.

A clean, organized home office will make all the difference when it comes down to putting in the work! Files and folders need to have a dedicated spot and your desk has to be clear of wires, cords and cables.

Consider lean bookcases with multiple shelves to display your achievements and accolades while simultaneously providing  storage options for your paperwork and folders.

For the desk or as I like to call it ‘The Command Station’, a glass desk with a filing cabinet underneath is a minimalist technique used by some of the biggest CEOs in the world. The concept behind this idea is that a simple desk will keep your mind focused on the task at hand while the filing cabinet will assist in providing storage for tasks not on the priority list for that day.

Dual Power Recliners

2019 was the year of the recliner, with clients rushing to buy sofas, loveseats, sectionals and armchairs with reclining features to satisfy their need for relaxation. This influx in demand resulted in more innovation from manufacturers in Italy and Germany. 2020 is the year of Dual Power Recliners. The perfect solution for couples and families who want to experience luxury living that exceeds the existing standard.

Dual-Power features power footrest and headrest features that are controlled by 4-distinct buttons on your furniture. With separate controls for both motors, users can adjust their sofa / sectional to match the level of comfort they want to feel. Whether you are watching tv in a more upright position or want to take a nap on your sofa, Dual Power allows your seat to match your need without disturbing other lounging companions.

Benches & Ottomans:

Benches and Ottomans are a smart way to increase seating for guests without sacrificing mobility in a room. In addition, a bench can fill out a space that would have otherwise been empty, such as, in front of a bed or in the foyer. Moreover, you can incorporate a faux leather or a high-performance velour fabric to add texture and character to the room. Faux leather is a sustainable, environmentally-conscious alternative to real leather as it doesn’t include any animal hides as the material of the furniture. A highly durable and multi-purpose material makes it ideal choice for eco-friendly consumers.

Duca Leather Sofa by Natuzzi Italia

Pixie Marble Coffee Table

Statement Furniture: Coloured Marble Tops

Thanks to it’s strong and sturdy nature, an investment into marble furniture will surely bring a lifetime worth of returns. Minimalism is key with marble as you only want to incorporate it as an accent or ‘statement piece’. Striking veins, natural details and unlimited colours choices allow you to cater your marble experience to your personality and style portfolio.

Combining marble with either a gold or stainless steel foundation will bring a sharpness to your space and is an excellent conversational piece that is sure to stand out! Moreover, coloured marble will provide the right pop of colour into the room.

Replacing your traditional wood or glass coffee table / end table set with a marble table combo will add a modern vibe to your living room. For the bedroom, try incorporating marble details into your existing theme. For example, marble table lamps and wall clocks are quick and creative solution to stand on top of this 2020 Interior Design trend.

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