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Happy New Year from the Urban Manor Family! We are excited to bring you another year of content, innovative products and contemporary style.

Let’s start with the 2019 Home Decor Trends and Ideas blog!


The Rose Gold Effect

2019 is the year that Rose Gold really takes off! Over the last 2 years, we have seen it slowly return to the market, being used as in accent furniture, decor and accessories in modern and contemporary homes and offices.

Now is the perfect time to incorporate it into your home because we can use the New Year as excuse to completely overhaul our spaces.

Start by implementing rose gold in your focal furniture pieces, a common yet effective place to begin is the dining room or kitchen. Incorporating rose gold or even matte gold here allows you to easily expand into other areas such as, the artwork, table top decors, wall accessories, dining chairs and even your home appliances.

A lot of homeowners fear that incorporating two metals will ruin the look of their homes, however, we have noticed that even with open-concept homes, that mixing metals, such as, chrome and rose gold can complement each other and create a beautiful contrast. The key here is to balance the two and subtly incorporate both to build harmony and coherence.

Toulouse Dining Table

'Galaxy' by Natuzzi Italia

Enter a New Galaxy:

Recliners are the ideal solution for both living rooms and home theatres. With the ability to adjust perfectly into your comfort zone, kick back and relax after a long day at work.

Being a leader in the manufacturing of  premium Italian leather furniture takes creativity and innovation. Natuzzi Italia has set the bar in home entertainment with the new ‘Galaxy’ reclining sofa and loveseat collection. An authentic galaxy of comfort, design and innovation. An enveloping design is combined with extreme modularity, space-saving features and a latest-generation recliner, allowing you to activate the headrest and footrest on each seat to obtain the desired position. It is also available in a in-line configuration or sectional to complement larger spaces and studios.

Zerowall space-saving system
Activate the recliner function without having to move the sofa away from the wall behind it.

Latest-generation Recliner Function
It can be separately activated for each seat and for the headrest and footrest.

Headrest with a Dual Function

It rises to make taller people more comfortable and manually tilts forward to your preferred position while watching TV or reading a book.

Dual Material Living:

The days of plain and uniform bedroom furniture and decor is gone! Spice things up by incorporating a mix of materials to emphasize style and design.

The Frida Collection:

With its vintage flair and references to modernist design, the Frida Collection celebrates the creative genius of painter Frida Kahlo, one of the leading figures of Mexican modernism.

Created as an homage to this major artist, the collection centers around a fully upholstered bed with an enveloping, slightly tilted headboard. The bed is an ode to relaxation and an open invitation to read, watch a good movie, or simply rest. There are even two big pouches hidden in the comfy pillows for tucking magazines, tablets, remote controls, and the like out of sight while keeping them within easy reach. The platform base even has a removable cover for easy cleaning.

Every piece in the Frida Collection comes in black walnut or white oak and is finished on all four sides. The dressers and night tables are equipped with touch-open drawers, for a style that’s impeccably minimalist. The tops are available in marble, granite, acid-etched glass, or wood. The collection also features a slat-ted bench reminiscent of 1950s modernism, with a touch of the far east.

The Frida Collection by Huppe

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