2018 Color Schemes for your Home

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Choosing the right color for your home can sometimes cause a headache. What colors are in this year? Will it match my furniture? Will it give off the right vibe?

There are so many questions that pop into your head when trying to choose the right color and of course it can be quite mind boggling given that there are so many colors. Even worse? There are so many shades of every color. Have no fear, even though there are so many options out there it can be relatively easy to narrow down what to use and what will look great in your space.

Get ready because these are the 2018 Color Schemes for Your Home and are exactly what you need to make it through all 4 seasons.

Deep Sleep:

2017 was filled with lots of white and light colors, although those colors are still predicted to be a hit in 2018, more softer shades and deeper tones are to make a streamline for the top. Sage is a color that never really goes out of style and has been finding its place into many homes, especially in the bedroom.

Having soft shades in the bedroom makes the atmosphere soft and alluring while also being peaceful and tranquil. You could say that it is the perfect color that bring a sense of relaxation in your bedroom.

What could be better? Just add a big comfy bed that will keep the area fresh, chic and modern like the Zina Bed which comes in a array of different fabric colors and metal finishes to really complete the space.

Pre Order: Upholstered Zina Bed

Urban Manor's Accent Wall

Living Room:

Neutral Tones with Pops of Color

Your living space is a prime space. It is where you relax, entertain guests, and display your exotic antiques and artwork.

Light walls are still a trend, however they are shifting from white to a more neutral tone: beige, brown, tope etc.

What else is coming forward is that people are not leaving all of their walls neutral, but adding some color blocks and of course the accent wall is still completely in. At Urban Manor, we primed a wall in bright red/orange tone. The feedback to this accent wall is magnificent, it helps create a focal point without over accessorizing the wall.

The Matte Home Office:

Believe or not, top home magazines are saying that black is the new white. Yes, you read that right. Black walls, floors, accents, art, you name it. If you think about it, it is true that black goes with almost any color palette you can think of. It is also very comforting, you may think that it will make a room dark and dreary, but it really doesn’t. Black can allow you to set a neutral tone that will allow every single other color pop.

If the walls of your office are painted black you have a canvas that you can use to express every other feeling you have, start with a crisp white desk like the Centro Large Lift Desk. 

The benefits of a lift desk are impeccable. Boost productivity and increase mental focus by incorporating this ergonomic desk for all your home office needs.

Then add a few intricate and thoughtful art piece like Obsidian Cove or a super bright piece like October Sail.  Trust us, make a statement and give black a try.

Watch the Centro Lift Desk in Action

First Look : Arches Display Shelving Unit

Inspiration from Within:

Have you ever traveled somewhere, and the ambiance was just so wonderful you wished you could take that same feeling home? Well you can. That is the beauty of color and art, you can transform any area into exactly what you want. Think of what exactly it was about the place that made your heart race or your eyes pop and go from that. A storage shelving unit is always a great idea to display your passions and interests.

Once you’ve decided on colors, grab a few décor items to add to the mix and your space will be exactly what you want. If you want to stay ahead of the game and plan for any upcoming décor changes, you can make sure to choose pieces such as, the Pumpking Italian Glass Vase that can be used in different color schemes and themes.

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