#2018 : 4 New Year Home Interior Decor & Design Hacks

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As we enter into 2018 it can be very interesting to look back at the past years trends, especially when it comes to décor. Each year there are so many changes in the way we perceive things, the way we express ourselves and the way our homes reflect our tastes and personalities. There are influencers in our world that help show us different ways in which we can represent those inner tastes and present them to the outside world. Here are the #2018: 4 New Year Home Interior Decor and Design Hacks!  that will obtain that look you desire in your home and show you things you can look forward to in 2018.

Return of the Raw

This year is all about the basics, the staple real wood and less synthetic materials. Ever walk into a room that is industrial looking with exposed wooden beams and raw looking floors and think ‘wow, this is great’? Well you aren’t the only one. We expect to see a lot more of the ‘raw’ look in 2018.

Contemporary living is infusing the modern interior design with a taste of nature. If you’re looking to get on board with the latest trend, here is one that can be fairly simple to execute. A good way to bring in more of a natural look would be start at a focal point in your home.

A 100% Canadian Birch Dining Table by Dinec is the new favourite for both modern and transitional homes. Pair it with a natural looking rug such as the Pitagora Italian Area Rug to complete the look.

To bring more color into your kitchen there are several different ways that you can execute this. Some people love appliances that pop and stand out. Not only do they attract the eye but can double as a great conversation piece as you entertain your guests. If you think a coloured appliance is a little too loud, no worries, how about adding a pair colored barstools to your island or bar top. A great option is the Ronny Bar Stool , it comes in a variety of colours and metal finishes to suit your preference.

Zeva Dining Table

On Pointe Planter

What if I told you that one of the biggest design tricks of the New Year is to refresh your space with greenery! 

Refreshing Winter

A thoughtfully decorated room can make all the difference to the feel and atmosphere.

What if I told you that one of the biggest design tricks of the New Year is to refresh your space with greenery.

Yes! plants of all shapes and sizes. Plants can bring out personality and add natural fantastic coloring to a room, not to mention they help to clean the air.

Now this is not simply tossing a few plants in a room and calling it a day, you want to still clean a clean and modern look to your space. Display your vegetation with minimalist and unique plant holders, the On Pointe Planter is perfect for succulent plants such as, Jade, mini cactus, and even Aloe Vera!

Minimalist Atmospheres: Home Oasis

Clutter, that is a word that we all hate to hear and definitely what we hate to see! Have you ever walked into a room that is overcrowded with tons of extra pieces? For example, a sofa and loveseat accessorized with giant pillows? Walls filled to the corners with artwork? It is definitely not the look you want to achieve.

Let’s take your living room for example, once you have all the ‘extra stuff’ removed, assess your furniture and ask yourself does everything belong in the room?

Don’t be afraid of minimalist furniture layout schemes. A core sofa/loveseat combo is a staple in contemporary living.

Urban Manor welcomes back the Borghese Sectional from Natuzzi Italia. The premier sleek, modern and divine seating experience built by the finest Italian Artisans using top grain leather. Once the main pieces are in place, simply incorporate this 2018 must-have contemporary decorative Shell Bowlto finish off the room while maintaining the minimalist vibe.

Borghese Italian Sectional

Pre-order: Rio Hand Painted

Exterior Expression 

One of the main design hacks that has made its way to the top has been the use of art in a room. At one point the more art you had the more attractive your space. However times have changed and going into 2018 is a prime example of just how much. Instead of a room filled with tons of art pieces crowding one wall. Chose just one that will stand out, capture attention and create conversation.

To add to the trick of having just one great piece, to take it even futher is that people are starting to go for less mass production pieces and more local. Seeking out locally made art or some do it yourself décor pieces are becoming more and more popular in peoples homes. However sometimes you can find a piece that feels less like a mass production and more like something a local talent has created such as this Rio Hand Painted.

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