2017 Summer Hottest Picks to Transform your Living Room

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It’s Summer time! Who doesn’t love summer? There’s nothing like being able to open all your windows and let the breeze flow through making everything feel so fresh. Of course with summer also comes all sorts of wonderful smells: fresh cut grass, flowers, the ocean etc. But something else that makes summer so wonderful is changing up your décor. I like to change my décor for each season; it doesn’t take a lot, just a few things here and there and bam! You have a whole new look. Sometimes just making one change can really transform your living room and of course you want to know what the hottest new items are to really make your space pop!

Labirinto Coffee Table

A fusion of transparency and functionality in coffee tables make entertaining easier! 

The Teaser

You may not believe how important a coffee table can be to your overall design. It’s a modern piece that allows you to display the simplest of items while still remaining functional.

Before you go on the hunt for a new coffee table, be sure to measure the room in which you’d like to place it. We will accurately find the one that is proportionate to the overall size of your room!

An ideal table is one that is versatile to change with the seasons such as,  this Labirinto Coffee Table. Sleek and gorgeous, it would go with any color scheme, and guess what, it also comes in different shapes and sizes! Structural contemporary coffee tables as mention above are not ones that you have to keep changing.

The Showstopper

Nothing will transform your living room like a new sofa! You can completely change the vibe of the room just by making that one change. The key is to find the right one to fit your space and still achieve the look you want. Whether you have a small space to fill or a large one, there are so many options out there and don’t forget different materials to choose from as well.

Take for example this Gio Italian Leather Sofa. It is by far one of the hottest picks of the summer and is available with a complementing loveseat. A Natuzzi Italia product is always a great hit in the home and allows you to really push your personality into the atmosphere to share with those who surround you.

Gio Italian Leather Sofa

Elements 3 Door Storage Console

The Cliff Hanger

Do you have a place in your living room that needs a little something that’s not too big or not too small but yet feels empty without something there? You need a console table!

The modern look of the Hyper Console Table is perfect condo spaces and tighter spaces. The cool cut of the tempered glass keeps it neutral for any color scheme, but also the wooden veneer that wraps the brushed stainless legs is also customizable in four different options.

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