2017 Summer Dining Room Trends

Food brings people together in a limitless number of ways, from holidays and celebrations to relaxed casual dinners. You really don’t need need a reason to enjoy the presence of friends and family. What better way to really impress guests than with a few fresh new trends aimed directly at the most delicious of gathering spaces?

Brighten with the Unique

Lighting is an important part of keeping the night going, and low ambient glows are out, even for intimate gatherings. Rising in popularity are unique central lighting fixtures–not necessarily the traditional chandelier–that cast enough light to keep a room from feeling stuffy or enclosed. Paired with light neutral tones on the walls, you can bring an airy, open feel to a gathering place.

Go whimsical with a Corinne Pendant Lamp that will ensure curiosity from your guests. While the winding chrome catches their attention, the bare globe bulbs, arranged at multiple heights, will cast unhindered light to illuminate the room as well as the table and guests without sacrificing one for the other.

Power on with the Atom 8 Pendant, and get ready to tell at least that many stories about how you managed to find a purely unique fixture. It’s a piece made for gatherings, with simple accented globes available in multiple styles to fit your setting. You don’t have to fight with the essential style of the bulbs to make a statement.

Sputnik Pendant

New Release: Regal Bench

Out with the Chair, in with the Bench

It’s time to trade out the old tired chair seating and replace them with benches. For a smaller space, this is great news, as there will be no more shoving the chair back into someone who happens to be passing behind, shuffling and squeezing past to make space. Instead, there’s slide in, slide out communal-style seating that saves space and floors.

Benches don’t need to be hard wood to be beautiful. Keep an eye out for an appropriately sized bench with leather or fabric upholstery, and definitely consider a bench with a low-height backrest. With custom made designs available, you’ll never be left missing exactly what matches your existing decor the best.

Draw from the Earth

Benjamin Moore announced their 2017 Color of the Year, and the rich, beautiful amethyst called Shadow has enraptured many. Other colors recommended by the company as complementary included ruby and emerald tones, ensuring that the deep hues of gem colors are definitely going to be the top tier choice.

If you really want to wow your guests, offer them a seat in a visually powerful, extremely comfortable Inspired Gucci Elegant Dining Chair. The deep ruby shade of the cushion contrasts well with the shining curves of chrome design, bringing elements of high fashion to your dining room. As a bonus, these chairs work excellently in any room, adding versatility to the list of features.

Pharaoh Dining Chair

Shadow is the Benjamin Moore 2017 Color of the Year

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